Update v1.78


Demolitions and Bumping

  1. Based on player feedback, we are making some improvements to Bump and Demolition detection. It is important to note that even with these fixes, Bumps and Demos will never be perfect in online play due to latency. However, after testing these changes with a variety of prominent community members & esports players, we feel this is a positive change that will reduce inconsistencies.
  2. The rules to trigger a Demolition are now as follows:

Supersonic Check [UNCHANGED]

  1. You are in the Supersonic State (trails visible/active on wheels).
  2. Supersonic State activates at 2200 speed (max speed is 2300).
  3. Going below 2100 speed instantly exits the Supersonic State.
  4. Going below 2200 speed, but above 2100, remains Supersonic for one second before exiting unless you accelerate back above 2200.

Speed Check [UNCHANGED]

  1. Your speed in your forward direction is at least 2100 at the time of impact.

Forward Hit Check [NEW]

  1. The line connecting your Center of Mass to the Impact Location is within 40 degrees of your forward direction.

Victim Hit Check [NEW]

  1. The line connecting the Impact Location to the Victim’s Center of Mass is within [55-90] degrees of your forward direction.
  2. This angle scales based on the Forward Hit Check result.
  3. For all impacts within 35 degrees of your forward direction, this check uses a 90 degree angle.
  4. For impacts between 35 and 40 degrees of your forward direction, this check scales linearly from 90 degrees down to 55. This reduces "sideswipe" demos and other undesirable use cases.
  5. Bumps use the same set of requirements minus the speed / supersonic checks.



  1. Fixed a bug preventing corner Boost Pills not giving players Boost when driven over.
  2. [Nintendo Switch] Fixed an issue preventing some players from joining Local Matches using non-Roman characters in the match name or host player name.
  3. Fixed ’Decenium’ spelling error in ’Decennium’ Wheels.

Update #2

  1. An update is now available on all platforms, and it includes a performance optimization for the Gravity Bomb Goal Explosion.