Update v1.88


Community Flags

  1. ’Athena’.
  2. ’FluuMP’.
  3. ’JohnnyBoi_i’.
  4. ’JonSandman’.
  5. ’JZR’.
  6. ’Lethamyr’.
  7. ’Linkuru’.
  8. ’MERTZY’.
  9. ’Musty’.
  10. ’PhantomACE’.
  11. ’SunlessKhan’.

Monstercat Flags

  1. ’Au5’.
  2. ’Chime’.
  3. ’Jack Newsome’.
  4. ’Rome in Silver’.
  5. ’Sullivan King’.


Enhanced Xbox Series X|S Support

  1. For players on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, a new "Video Quality" dropdown is now available under Settings > Video. This allows you to play Rocket League with either "Performance" or "Quality" settings as detailed below:

Xbox Series X

  1. Quality: 4K resolution at 60 FPS with HDR .
  2. Performance: Game runs at 2688x1512 at 120 FPS with HDR .
  3. Game UI displays at 4K .

Xbox Series S

  1. Quality: 1080p Resolution at 60 FPS with HDR .
  2. Performance: Game runs at 1344x756 at 120 FPS with HDR .
  3. Game UI displays at 1080p.
  4. Enhanced support requires compatible displays and HDMI cables. Learn more about compatibility here.

Tactical Quick Chat

  1. A new ’Tactical Quick Chat Only," option is now available under Settings > Gameplay > Text Chat.
  2. When enabled, all chat messages will be invisible to you except the following Quick Chats:
  3. All yours.
  4. Centering!
  5. Defending...
  6. Go for it!
  7. I got it!
  8. In position.
  9. Incoming!
  10. Need boost!
  11. Take the shot!
  12. Faking.
  13. Bumping!
  14. On your left.
  15. On your right.
  16. Passing!

Esports Shop

  1. The Esports Shop has been redesigned from the ground up.
  2. The Shop is now separated into regions -- North America and Europe.
  3. Each team is fully visible in their region’s part of the Esports Shop.
  4. Item rotation has been removed.
  5. All available items can be purchased directly from your favorite team’s Esports Shop page.


  1. Made several aesthetic and color changes.
  2. Changed name of ’Options’ to ’Settings’ in the main menu and throughout the game.
  3. In the post-match screen, a new ’Options’ button displays the following:
  4. Mute/Report Player.
  5. Change Presets.
  6. Settings.


  1. [Nintendo Switch] Splitscreen play is back!
  2. [Nintendo Switch] Fixed a bug causing tabs to automatically scroll with viewing inventory.
  3. Adjusted exhaust flames on the Imperator DT5.

Update #2


Live Now

  1. Season 2 is live on all platforms.
  2. Season 2 Rocket Pass, featuring the new R3MX car, has begun.
  3. R3MX uses the ’Hybrid’ hitbox.


  1. Season 2 Tournaments are now available.
  2. New Tournament Rewards and Titles have been added.
  3. Tournament player population cap has been significantly increased.
  4. We will continue to add more capacity and additional support per region over time.

Changes and Updates

  1. Previewing an item when a Tournament finishes will no longer hide a player’s Tournament Summary.
  2. The Tournaments card no longer says "Joinable" after the player has signed up.
  3. "Checking In..." message now has a clear time-out state.


  1. Stage 1 Challenges for Season 2 are now live.
  2. Players now need to complete 22 or more of 24 Challenges to earn the Season Challenge Reward.


  1. Season 2 Competitive has begun.
  2. 3v3 Standard: This season’s soft reset will be less aggressive than Season 1.
  3. Grand Champion and Supersonic Legend Ranks in 3v3 Standard will be slightly easier to reach.
  4. Rumble: Champion I and higher Ranks will be slightly tougher to reach.


New Arena: Neon Fields

  1. ’Neon Fields’ has been added to the Online Playlists rotation, and can also be used in Private Matches and Free Play.
  2. The new Arena interacts with Rocket League Radio, and Player Anthems for all players in a match.

Player Anthems

  1. Player Anthems are a new customization option that let you play your favorite music from the Rocket League soundtrack at key moments during a match. Players Anthems play when you:
  2. Score a goal.
  3. Make an Epic Save.
  4. Earn MVP honors.
  5. To use a Player Anthem, go to Profile > Choose Player Anthem.
  6. Under Settings > Audio > Player Anthems, there are three choices:
  7. Always On: Plays during matches and in Free Play.
  8. Matches Only: Only plays during matches.
  9. Off: Turns off your anthem and anthems from other players .
  10. Player Anthem volume is controlled by ’Music - Gameplay’ under Settings > Audio.
  11. Five Player Anthems are now available to all players from the Rocket League Soundtrack Vol. 1:
  12. ’We Speak Chinese’ by Mike Ault and Abandoned Carnival.
  13. ’Love Thru The Night’ (feat. Morgan Perry) by Mike Ault.
  14. ’I Can Be’ (feat. Crysta) by Mike Ault.
  15. ’Flying Forever’ (feat. Morgan Perry) by Mike Ault.
  16. ’Angel Wings’ (feat. Avianna Acid) by Mike Ault.

Season 1 Competitive Rewards

  1. Season 1 Competitive has ended. Season Reward Items and Titles will be awarded for your highest Rank achieved during the season, and successful completion of the appropriate Season Reward Levels.

Season 1 Rewards are custom, non-tradeable, universal Decals

  1. Bronze I or higher: ’S1 - Bronze’.
  2. Silver I or higher: ’S1 - Silver’.
  3. Gold I or higher: ’S1 - Gold’.
  4. Platinum I or higher: ’S1 - Platinum’.
  5. Diamond I or higher: ’S1 - Diamond’.
  6. Champion I or higher: ’S1 - Champion’.
  7. Grand Champion I or higher: ’S1 - Grand Champion’.
  8. Supersonic Legend: ’S1 - Supersonic Legend’.

Grand Champion Titles (in Crimson text)

  1. Competitive Grand Champion: "S1 GRAND CHAMPION".
  2. Rumble Grand Champion: "S1 RNG CHAMP".
  3. Hoops Grand Champion: "S1 DUNK MASTER".
  4. Snow Day Grand Champion: "S1 BLIZZARD WIZARD".
  5. Dropshot Grand Champion: "S1 FLOOR DESTROYER".

Supersonic Legend Titles (in Titanium White text)

  1. Competitive: "S1 SUPERSONIC LEGEND".
  2. Rumble: "S1 RNGENIUS".
  3. Hoops: "S1 LEGENDARY BALLER".
  4. Snow Day: "S1 ICE TITAN".
  5. Dropshot: "S1 TILE ANNIHILATOR".