Update v1.99


  1. This update prepares Rocket League for upcoming Fast & Furious content.
  2. The Select Favorites Item Series is now available.
  3. The new Series will drop as Blueprints after some Online Matches.


  1. Fixed a bug preventing the rejoin notification from appearing after disconnecting from an Online Match.
  2. Adjusted the Dune Racer Decal so it no longer changes the trim color on Octane.
  3. [PS4] Fixed the Add Friends notification so it appears at the intended frequency.
  4. Fixed a bug causing some purchased Premium DLC from appearing on multiple platforms.
  5. Fixed appearance of some NASCAR Player Banners.
  6. [Rumble] Fixed a bug preventing some players from receiving power-ups once their timer hits zero.
  7. [Xbox One] Fixed an issue causing long boot times on Xbox One.