Update v2.05


New Preset Creation

  1. Selecting ’Create New Preset’ now duplicates the active preset into the new preset slot.


Esports Shop

  1. New Esports Team Decals have arrived, custom-made by the RLCS teams themselves in collaboration with Psyonix.
  2. More Decals, including options for additional teams and ’Away Kit’ variants, are coming later in the RLCS season.
  3. Decals for Octane, Dominus, and Fennec Car Bodies are available for each team below.
  4. ’Home Kit’ Decals for 34 teams from Europe, North America, Oceania, and South America have been added.
  5. Dignitas.
  6. Endpoint.
  7. Envy.
  8. eUnited.
  9. Evil Geniuses.
  10. FaZe Clan.
  11. Furia.
  12. G2 Esports.
  13. Ghost Gaming.
  14. Giants.
  15. Ground Zero Gaming.
  16. Guild.
  17. Karmine Corp.
  18. NRG.
  19. Pittsburgh Knights.
  20. PWR.
  21. Rebellion.
  22. Renegades.
  23. Rix.GG.
  24. Rogue.
  25. Semper Esports.
  26. SK Gaming.
  27. Solary.
  28. Spacestation Gaming.
  29. Susquehanna Soniqs.
  30. Team BDS.
  31. Team Liquid.
  32. Team Queso.
  33. Team Singularity.
  34. Team Vitality.
  35. Torrent.
  36. True Neutral.
  37. Version1.
  38. XSET.



  1. [PlayStation 5] Fixed a resolution issue causing gameplay to appear blurry for some players.
  2. Fixed a bug causing FPS settings to change on their own.
  3. Bot difficulty will change to the player’s selection when playing offline.
  4. Fixed appearance of Painted Vector Decals.
  5. Fixed appearance of Twinzer Car Body when using certain Decals.
  6. Fixed a inventory bug when sorting by Series.
  7. Fixed a scrolling bug when viewing large inventories.