Update October 28, 2021


  1. The Monster Ball Arrives! - There’s something strange in your neighbourhood, as the world around you doesn’t seem quite right. The Docks have been adorned with ornaments from a curious tradition. But that’s not all, as monsters throughout the Kingdom are also haunted by this unknown influence. The Monster’s Ball is an annual event which will last from Oct 28th - Nov 4th. Don’t worry if you miss it, there will still be other opportunities to experience the event!
  2. Chilling New Weapons - Eclectic horrors abound as 2.5 new Fabled weapons enter the fray: Charon’s Scythe, the Electric Lute, and the remade Spoooooon. Each weapon forces you to play in unconventional and creative ways. Embrace the weird, and dominate your foes.
  3. Greater Scar Challenges - New terrifying Scars have appeared in the world. Only open to those who have ventured deep into NG+, these Scars will challenge the player on every level, and truly push your improvisations skills to the limit. Just remember to use every tool in your arsenal.
  4. A Clearer World - We’ve added a new lexicon to the glossary that now explains some vital systems in the game in case you missed their tutorials. Information on things like Armor, the new Critical Strike, Encumbrance, and Resolve are now easily accessible from the Pause menu. On top of that, we’ve finally done a complete editing pass on all of the game’s text. It’s a lot of words (40,000 and counting) so a few issues probably linger, but we hope the overall readability of the game has been improved.
  5. Bizarre Biome Burdens - Feeling comfy navigating the world of Rogue Legacy? Well prepare yourself as dangerous new Burdens bring dread to that which was once familiar. These unique biome Burdens cost two points, and will bring new surprises to areas that players have traversed many times before.


  1. Ronin (Change): Whenever we introduce a new class, we generally like to push them out a little strong to encourage players to test them out. That, coupled with the Ronin being a purely Strength class, meant it came out way too strong. To compensate, the Ronin has been nerfed slightly, but we’ve also improved Intelligence builds to make them more dynamic. Now they’re even more fun. Oops!
  2. Immortal Kotetsu hitbox increased.
  3. Immortal Kotetsu INT damage scaling increased from 200% to 225%.
  4. Immortal Kotetsu now RESETS if it kills an enemy (accidentally pushed this bit live last patch).
  5. Katana damage reduced from 225% Strength to 200% Strength.
  6. Bard (Exploit Fixes): These changes sound heavy, but it really only affects how fast players could burn bosses down. You should be able to progress through biomes in just as quick a manner as before, or maybe even quicker since the changes encourage Spin Kicking notes instead of dropping them and waiting around.
  7. Max Lute Note projectiles reduced from 4 to 3.
  8. Lute Note repeat hit-rate reduced slightly.
  9. Crescendo damage reduced from 200% INT to 175% INT.
  10. Duelist (Buff): Roll INT scaling increased from 50% to 80%. Because of the fast hit rate, this is around 160% INT damage.
  11. Chef (Buff): Frying Pan Charged Status Effect duration increased from 2s -> 3s.
  12. Mage (Buff): Blasting Wand Charged Status Effect duration increased from 2s -> 3s.
  13. Valkyrie (Buff): Mana regen from Deflect Talent raised from 10 to 15 Mana per projectile destroyed. This accidentally went live earlier as well but we forgot to list it. This is a massive buff to Valkyries, and the bonuses are amplified by their Class Passives. If you aggressively seek to counter projectiles, your Spell DPS can hit insane levels!
  14. Dragon Lancer (Buff): Bastion Talent duration increased from 2s -> 3s.
  15. Assassin (Buff/QoL - Community): De-cloaking now gives you a very small window of immunity, so you can win out in trades.
  16. All Classes (Buff): New hairstyles. This is the biggest buff of all.


  1. Added new Fabled Weapon: Charon’s Scythe.
  2. Added new Fabled Weapon: Electric Lute.
  3. New Spoon Redesign: The Spoon now bounces once after hitting an enemy, the wall, or the ground. After bouncing, the Spoon will trigger a Skill Crit. on whatever it hits, and gains additional INT scaling. Sporeburst has been removed from the attack.
  4. Explosive Fists Tweak: Attack speed reduced slightly. Max range reduced.


  1. 2 New upgrades have been added to the Soul Shop.
  2. Community: Embroidered Investments cost has been lowered (higher Armor drops). If you’ve invested heavily in this, expect a substantial refund!
  3. 2 New Burdens have been added to the Threads of Fate.
  4. 2 new Scars and their associated puzzles have been added to the Scars of Erebus.


  1. Community: Silver chests will now always drop loot if they can. Now you’ll always be rewarded with gear if you come across a Silver chest, and if you DON’T get loot, then you know you need to go deeper into the game.
  2. Silver chest spawn rates reduced slightly.


  1. New enemy Sparkologers added to the game.
  2. Tier 2 and 3 Cursors (previously called Curser’s) have been given a new attack.
  3. Commander bonus HP reduced.
  4. Shield Banner Commander invincibility aura radius reduced.
  5. Shredder Commander Critical Strike bonus reduced from +50% to +15%.
  6. Enemy HP and damage scaling in deeper NGs reduced.
  7. Tubal Changes:
  8. Bosses that spawn mob enemies are always tough because their difficulty fluctuates wildly depending on how powerful the player is. Overleveled? The mobs are an afterthought and the boss is super easy. Underleveled? Even the summoned enemies can become a nightmare. We’ve done some logic tweaks to make Tubal balance out better in these scenarios.
  9. Minions now have a 2 hit shield (this was accidentally pushed in patch v0.6.2).
  10. Tubal base HP increased.
  11. Tubal will now only summon new enemies after X seconds have passed AND he has lost a certain amount of HP since the last time he summoned. This should make it so that lower level players won’t have to eternally fight waves of mobs, with no opportunity to deal damage to the boss because he keeps summoning.
  12. Players with Elusive will now take damage from Tubal while he’s jumping or performing his hammer swing attack.
  13. The falling swords will no longer block projectiles. Sorry about that!


  1. The first few rooms of the Castle will no longer be chosen from the easy room pool if you have any Burdens equipped.
  2. Camera zoom out amount increased for large rooms.
  3. Custom camera zoom out increased for the Axis Mundi.
  4. Camera zoom out increased for every Estuary fight (Lamech, Irad, and Prime Skeletons unaffected).
  5. Tier 2 Wolves removed from Pishon Dry Lake.
  6. Flamelocks in Axis Mundi have been replaced with Sparkologers.


  1. The classic Quenching Runes are coming back with a slight redesign. They’ll now be filling a much needed role in Armor restoration, and introduce an additional slot for people making VITALITY builds.
  2. This means we’re renaming the current Quenching Runes and adding a NEW Quenching Runes. Confusing? You bet!
  3. Quenching Runes has been renamed to Reinforced Runes. Anyone who has purchased Quenching Runes will be given these Runes instead.
  4. New Quenching Rune: Mana potions now restores X% of max Health and Armor (Min 1 Armor per rune).


  1. Searing Shot (Community): INT scaling raised from 150% to 175%.
  2. Thunder Spell: Can now cast while Dashing.
  3. Freeze Status Effect (Experimental): You can now Freeze bosses. This means the Armor Break debuff has been removed.
  4. Two new Traits have been added.


  1. With the addition of Master Tier Relics, we think balance-wise most Relics are in a solid spot; all except one. War Drums were stupidly broken, and were almost always picked without question. Raising the rarity will make it have actual consequence to your build (which most Relics should do). This will also fix the issue of people finding Twin War Drums early, and feeling obligated to do full clears to max their potential out.
  2. War Drum: Now Epic rarity. Damage per Relic lowered from 7% to 6%.
  3. Blessing of Strength: Bonus damage lowered from 8% to 6%.
  4. Blessing of Wisdom: Bonus damage lowered from 8% to 6%.
  5. Killing Targets no longer counts toward the enemy death counters for cursed Relics.
  6. Killing an Estuary now immediately purifies any cursed Relics.
  7. Choosing a Relic now displays a popup that shows how much Resolve was lost and how much Max HP was lost.


  1. Touching water or a cloud hazard will now reset your Dashes and Air Jumps so you can recover more easily.
  2. All grounded enemies can now attack while in the air. This fixes scenarios where you could infinitely juggle enemies and they would never attack.
  3. Final challenge in Echo’s heirloom tweaked to make solution simpler.
  4. Glossary added with tips on how some of the more advanced game mechanics work.
  5. An editing pass has been done on the language document. We’re not claiming it’s perfect now, but it is an important first step in prepping the game to support additional languages.


  1. 99% of the bugs listed were brought up by the community, so we won’t bother tagging them as such.
  2. Fixed null reference when killing a summoned Mimic.
  3. Increasing player one-way platform disable duration to fix regression bug where player would not fall through one-way platforms at really low FPS.
  4. Fixed bug where text colour would sometimes change when flipping between Pause menus.
  5. Fixed bug where the explosion from the Mage’s Wand would not destroy Curse projectiles.
  6. Fixed regression bug where Dash-cancelling out of the Bow’s attack shortly after firing an arrow would permanently cause the collision effect’s impact point to appear somewhere else.
  7. Fixed bug where Memory Journal entries would be given the wrong entry number in the journal description window.
  8. Rearranged the Journal categories in the Library to match the standard progression path of the game (Agartha > Mundi > Kerguelen > Stygian > Sun Tower > Pishon).
  9. Fixed bug where player would get multiple stacks of a Status Effect when hitting grouped enemies like Irad.
  10. Fixed bug where Lancer was getting two stacks of on-hit effects when hitting with a charged attack.
  11. Refactored the previous fix that addressed scenario where doors would sometimes hit backwards when shot with a Bow, so that it now apply to all attacks.
  12. Fixed bug where casting Immortal Kotetsu onto low enough ground would trigger slope collision and snap the player to the floor.
  13. Fixed issue where pressing Down while swapping weapons in the Lineage scene would cause it to rapidly change back and forth.
  14. Fixed bug where getting the 100 Kin Unity bonus was displaying a Relic in the Lineage and Death scene.
  15. Fixed bug where dead enemies would still steal life from the player if the Lifesteal Burden was equipped and the player took damage from a projectile fired by the dead enemy.
  16. Fixed issue where "Max Mana" would pop up every time you killed an enemy at max MP and you had the Dreamcatcher Relic.
  17. Fixed bug where the Max Vitality Unity set bonus was not working.
  18. Changed player HP and MP float calculations to ceil instead of round, to fix scenarios where the amount of HP/MP displayed/gained/changed would sometimes differ by a unit or two.
  19. Fixed bug where dashing in the air then landing on a slope and then immediately jumping off would sometimes not reset your dashes.
  20. Fixed bug where player would still move around if they were holding down the FreeLook key on the keyboard and had Flight active.
  21. Fixed bug where the player would not be registered as touching the ground if they dashed over it while in a room far away from the world’s (0, 0) point.
  22. Fixed bug where the Sporeburst applied via the Weird Mushrooms Relic was applying weapon effects.
  23. Fixed bug where player could lose max HP if they took damage at the Docks with Hypercoagulation.
  24. Fixed bug where the Diva and Puritan Traits were not working correctly in the Tower Boss room.
  25. Fixed bug where snow mound hazards were sometimes not spawning.
  26. Fixed bug where touching certain enemies or projectiles would play special hit sounds even if the player was invincible.
  27. Fixed bug where the Blacksmith required 2 upgrade blueprints to trigger special dialogue instead of just 1.
  28. Fixed bug where chests would play their sparkle ambient audio if you opened them, then left the room and returned.
  29. Fixed bug where chests would play their contact audio even if you were very far away from them.
  30. Fixed bug where Fairy chests would play audio even if they were invisible.
  31. Fixed bug where background body props in Citadel Agartha would change randomly every time you entered a room.
  32. Fixed bug where background body props would not spawn on certain slopes.
  33. Fixed bug where curtain tassel textures were extremely low-res on the lowest quality settings.
  34. Fixed bug where quitting to the Main Menu during an Heirloom warp effect would cause the screen to become permanently warped.
  35. Fixed bug where using the Skeleton Key in a failed Fairy room that you had previously exited would fail to open the chest.
  36. Fixed bug where the HUD did not fade out when on top of unopened chests.
  37. Fixed a bunch of random prop issues in various rooms.