Update January 11, 2021


  1. Changed player movement to not sync as often.
  2. The relay server’s code has been optimized.
  3. New main menu.
  4. New server configs.
  5. Femur breaker now has a monitor with status of the event.
  6. Voice chat is now quieter; still no volume slider for it (yet).


  1. Map Generator should do better collision checks.
  2. Auth waits for token to be granted before sending to central server.
  3. Text chat is no longer closed when a player joins the game.
  4. Fixed the player list in the lobby to be a proper scroll rect.


  1. Player List is now a Dictionary of the players and their element in the list, and is also event based (no more FindObjectsOfType).
  2. Added contain command to admin menu.
  3. Removed unused settings.
  4. New plugin events.
  5. "-relayip <ip:port>" command argument for custom/alternate relays.