Update October 31, 2020


  1. The ability to upload custom maps into the Steam Workshop.
  2. The ability to delete local custom maps.
  3. The ability to save custom maps in the editor with certain items present on said maps.
  4. Custom map readiness check (checking a map for meeting all the gameplay requirements. Unfinished maps won’t have the "Upload" button. You will need to re-save your existing custom maps (open them in the LE, save, exit).
  5. Custom map preview generation (removed image blur).
  6. Motion Blur functioning incorrectly in the Level Editor.
  7. Lighting sources (fixed brightness, added missing switches).
  8. Doors textures and animations.
  9. Placement orientation for several objects (door with the "1" keycard, blue metal chair, wooden arch, basketball).
  10. Gift carrying animation.
  11. Paintings textures.
  12. Ability to break window glass.