Update January 27, 2021

Full Patch Notes

  1. Fixed an issue where players would lag on moving platforms.
  2. Fixed an issue with placing traps on chairs.
  3. Fixed prompts on knocked down players and interactive objects.
  4. Timeout finish of brawl match now grants victory to the team with most points.
  5. Some visual fixes on maps and spectator mode.
  6. UI improvements + Lots of controller-related UI softlocks fixed.
  7. Some optimization and internal polishing.
  8. Some localization fixes.

Level Editor updates

  1. Some updates to Electricity section of LE.
  2. Fixed an issue with custom map preview image.
  3. Fixed an issue with custom map preview image.
  4. Some decorations from 2020 Christmas update and map 4 added.
  5. New basement installation rules: basement can now be installed next to the foundation, not above it; fixed basement floor visual glitches.