Update April 30, 2021

Changes and fixes

  1. New customizations.
  2. Fixed the Butcher’s Hook end-game issue (no more glitches in the next sessions!).
  3. Fixed the Inventor’s Craft Wheel vs. Transform into the Neighbor issue.
  4. Improved networking.
  5. Fixed some of the legacy maps visuals.
  6. FIxed legacy maps collision mechanics.

Level Editor

  1. Game mode selector for your custom maps (choose any brawl you want!).
  2. New mode-related items.
  3. New wall tiles (blocked door, bricked door).
  4. New floor and base tiles (Beware of the Lava!).
  5. New tile painting mechanics (hold ’Shift’ to paint a single tile).
  6. Deselect currently selected tile/object (click it once again!).
  7. Switch between categories with mouse wheel.
  8. New tile positioning and targeting mechanics.
  9. Fixed a lot of item placing glitches (wires, rooftops, stairs, walls... well, lots of them).
  10. Fixed wire nodes recursion crash.
  11. Fixed several backward compatibility issues with complicated legacy maps.