Update May 13, 2020

New Features

Steam Launch

  1. Shop Titans is now available on Steam for free! By linking your account using your Shop Titans ID (found under Settings), you can play on any platform!
  2. Note: Steam players will receive a reminder when their Royal Merchant subscription runs out. A monthly renewal will need to be purchased manually, as Steam does not fully support automated payments.

Elder Owen Offers

  1. Instead of the usual Gems, Owen may occasionally offer you Repair Kits, Phoenix Feathers or drinks in exchange for viewing an ad.

New Events

  1. Stay on the lookout for these two new events hitting your shops soon! The Multicraft Event adds a small multicraft chance to all items made during the event, while the Customer Frenzy Event will ramp up the customer flow coming to your shop.

Other Changes

  1. The ad network has been expanded to a few new countries.
  2. It is now possible to cycle between customers and windows using the A/D or left/right arrow keys. (Steam only).
  3. The Right Mouse button can now be used to control the camera. (Steam only).
  4. Superior Pack offers will now also be shown to players that purchase all 3 Flashback deals offered to them, if they would not normally qualify.
  5. The small XP Drink will no longer appear as a reward in some places (such as Grab Bags and Daily Pig). It will not be missed.
  6. Champion Coins found in the Fortune Zone will once again reward 5 instead of 3.
  7. Most seasonal content offers have been added to the Flashback offer pool.
  8. Each item sold as part of a bulk order (such as a Champion request) will count towards objectives, such as bounties.
  9. Quest setup will now automatically suggest the strongest party available for this dungeon.
  10. When a customer asks for an item the player does not have, an option to craft it will be offered alongside the Market button.

Bug Fixes

  1. Various fixes related to scrolling in certain windows (Steam only).
  2. Fixed an issue causing the A and D hotkeys to cycle through heroes while the equipment menu is open. (Steam only).
  3. Fixed an issue causing the A or D hotkeys to bring up the chest menu while actively opening a chest. (Steam only).
  4. Fixed the "Hide Furniture" button displaying an incorrect state when furniture was already hidden.
  5. Fixed a bug causing Heroes to not be removed from the quest screen if retired from there.
  6. Fixed a bug causing the background to unblur when viewing a tooltip on the quest preparation screen.
  7. Fixed a bug preventing a bunch of characters from being typed depending on the game’s selected language (Russian, Swedish, Hungarian, etc).
  8. Fixed issues, mainly on Steam, causing character cutscene models to be cut off weirdly.Fixed issues with players not receiving Flashback offers they should qualify for.
  9. Fixed a bug causing Superior Offer content to be shown (such as in the blueprint list) to players who did not qualify for the offer.
  10. Fixed an issue causing some market offers to not display if their price was below a certain threshold.
  11. Fixed an issue causing some timers to appear as 1s when suspending the app on iOS.
  12. Fixed Chiseled Runestones appearing as a white box in the Lost City of Gold quest screen.
  13. Updated the Mana Shield’s skill values to the values advertised in the last patch.
  14. Fixed the unintentionally low Ascension Shard cost for the Primal element blueprint.
  15. Fixed an issue where filling your shop with decorations would cause constant crashing.
  16. Fixed the Partition de Mayo decoration taking up more space than intended.