Update March 9, 2021

Unity Update

  1. We’ve updated the game’s engine to a more recent version. While this involved a tremendous amount of work from the development team, the immediate impact of this will not be apparent to the player. It will however allow us to keep supporting the game over the years and remain compliant with new external requirements.
  2. We’ve spent a great deal of effort rounding all the bugs that resulted in this update, and will remain on the lookout for any more that may arise in the future.

New Features

New Champion: Hemma

  1. Hailing from lands unknown, the mysterious Hemma has come to lend her aid to Shopkeepers and their Heroes. Her necromantic powers may be disturbing to many, but she does not appear to mean harm... or does she?
  2. In battle, Hemma’s uniquely selfish Champion Skill has her drain HP from her companions to bolster her own attack. Each turn, all Heroes lose 10% of their HP, which is then added to Hemma’s Attack score for the rest of the battle. The amount of Attack gained per HP drained depends on the rank of Hemma’s Champion skill.
  3. Hemma pairs well with bulky, high HP Heroes to act as her protectors, but also "batteries" to charge her attack power to incredible heights over the course of the battle.

Champion Stories

  1. New champion stories have been added for Argon, Lilu and Rudo.

Major Changes

Stones Ascensions

  1. The Stones item category now has its own (tiny) ascension reward line. It’s also the easiest Surcharge Value for All available in the game to get. This category includes both Moonstones and Runestones.

Minor Changes

  1. Thanks to a bug fix, the final Ascension for Elements and Spirits has been changed back to "+1% Surcharge Value with all Items", as it was originally intended.
  2. Lost City of Gold blueprints will no longer appear in Champion’s bulk requests.

Balance Changes


  1. Lilu, Sia, Yami and Donovan have had their stats increased slightly.
  2. Argon had his HP reduced slightly, but he’s a big boy. He can take it.


  1. Donovan’s Champion skill has been buffed at every tier. Golems of the Lost City of Gold, beware.

Titan Classes


  1. The Titan upgrade of the Samurai has been modified. In addition to its previous effect, it is now also guaranteed to dodge enemy attacks on the first round of combat.


  1. The Titan upgrade of the Barbarian has been modified. It now grants a smaller Threat bonus, but in exchange gains an attack modifier bonus equal to 40% of its Threat ratings.


  1. The Titan upgrade of the Ninja has been modified. Whenever they lose their Ninja bonuses after taking a hit, they will regain these bonuses after 2 rounds.


  1. The Titan upgrade of the Wanderer has been modified. Their maximum evasion is now 78%, 3% higher than other classes.


  1. The Titan upgrade of the Musketeer has been modified. In addition to their previous bonuses, they now also gain a stacking bonus of 25% Critical Damage for each consecutive critical hit (Max 4).

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue with the Gingerbread House preventing it from playing its special animation.
  2. Fixed an issue where Runestones wouldn’t properly award double their favor value as a Hot Item during King’s Caprice.
  3. Fixed an issue where the Lovely Hat wasn’t properly part of the King’s Caprice rotation.
  4. Fixed an issue where the Moonstones would not stay in their place in the Fortune Store.
  5. Fixed erroneous tooltip for Pure Gold on the Lost City of Gold quest setup menu.
  6. Fixed an issue with the Moonstone tooltips in the Fusion item details menu.
  7. Fixed issue where the red exclamation mark notification was not properly cleared from some furniture after viewing.
  8. Fixed issue where the red exclamation mark notification was not properly cleared from Antiques when exiting the menu under certain conditions.
  9. Fixed an issue where notifications for completed Champion stories would not always appear.
  10. Fixed a display issue with the Runestone and Moonstone "item type" text when examining item details.
  11. Fixed an issue where Renown was not being properly capped by Town Hall level.
  12. Fixed issue with certain customizations purchased from Antique Stop unequipping from the Shopkeeper after logging out.
  13. Fixed an issue where Prestige was not being properly calculated for furniture skins until re-logging in.
  14. Fixed an issue where the incorrect icon was being used in the Market filters for Stones.
  15. Fixed minor text issue with Avatar Editor tutorial prompt.
  16. Fixed missing VFX for the Sensei during battles.
  17. Fixed a display issue with the "new skill slot" prompt on the class promotion screen.