Update April 6, 2021

New Features

Tier 11

  1. Tier 11 is here! Brave the Bleakspire Peaks and battle the Harpies to collect their valuable components to start crafting the most powerful equipment and... wait a minute, what’s a Sigil!?
  2. As items of myths and legends start being introduced, the value and difficulty of acquiring these items increase proportionally. T11 items are worth roughly double that of T10. However, crafting such items requires a brand-new component; Sigils. Read more on those below.
  3. In addition, due to their value and rarity, the acquisition of T11 items will be very limited outside of crafting them.

Additional T11 info

  1. Players of level 60 and up can trade Tier 11 items on the market.
  2. Heroes of level 32 and up can wield Tier 11 items.
  3. Bleakspire Peak requires player level 62 to be unlocked with gold.


  1. A brand new, special component required to craft any T11 item. The Sigil of Might, Sigil of Grace and Sigil of Spark are available almost exclusively through fusion. Each of them requires a Flawless T6+ item alongside some components found at the Bleakspire Peak.
  2. Although Sigils are a component fusion, they are not bound by the rules of Full Moon Fusion, and can be fused at any time. Like any other component, they can also be traded freely on the market.

Minor Changes

Guild Boosts

  1. The Guild Boost mechanic has been simplified, although its function remains the same. Upgrading a Guild Boost will increase its bonus permanently, as it is no longer tied to the time remaining. The efficiency of a Guild Boost will no longer be reduced as time passes, although it will become inactive if time runs out completely.

Titan Classes


  1. The Titan upgrade of the Monk has been modified. In addition to its previous effects, it now also has access to one highly powerful exclusive skill.


  1. The Titan upgrade of the Thief has been modified. In addition to its previous effects, it now also slightly improves Polonia’s leader skill, if paired up with her.

Other Changes

  1. The default sorting for furniture found in the basement has been improved and should now feel more natural.
  2. Players will now receive special notifications about guild promotions, demotions, new members and members leaving. These notifications will display upon visiting the guild hall.

Balance Changes

Emerald Inn & Tavern

  1. For the sake of a smoother progression, some of the later levels of the Emerald Inn and Tavern buildings have been made cheaper in terms of required ticks.

Other Balance Changes

  1. Increased the Moonstone cost of several Full Moon Fusions (particularly ones related to chests).
  2. T10 items have had their milestone upgrades updated to accommodate the unlocking of T11 items.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed Back Button on Android erroneously bringing up Exit prompt when used in Design menu.
  2. Fixed "Max Capacity" indicator in Inventory not appearing if the "Special" tab was selected first.
  3. Fixed minor text issue with Evasion tooltip in Hero Creator menu.
  4. Fixed King’s Caprice favor indicator on HUD incorrectly showing up as full under certain conditions.
  5. Fixed Steam icon in Achievements menu not properly opening Steam achievements.
  6. Fixed damage numbers during quests appearing outside of the screen boundaries.
  7. Fixed Fusion item card not properly updating inventory count when purchasing missing components from Market.
  8. Fixed text appearing improperly or distorted on various menus and screens (Chest screen, Fusion complete screen, etc).