Update June 16, 2020

New Features

Introducing Pets!

  1. At long last, your shopkeeper need not be all alone in his shop... cats, dogs, chickens, hamsters or unicorns are now available as pets! Unlock up to 3 pet slots and let your new friends free to wander around the shop or relax in their own little spot. Each pet grants a chunky amount of Prestige and, when interacting with customers, will also provide tons of energy!
  2. By feeding and caring for your friend, you can improve both of these benefits, and also unlock new appearances to customize your furry/feathery friend with.

New Story Chapters

  1. Added new story chapters for Argon, Lilu and Polonia.

Balance Changes

  1. The Maximum Champion Power Up Rank has been increased to 40.
  2. The Fortune Zone now once again offers bundles of 5 Champion Coins instead of 3.
  3. The primary resource used for Spells blueprints has been changed from Leather to Herbs.
  4. Fully upgraded Chiseled Runestone Blueprint can now have their Ether cost reduced to 0.
  5. Increased odds of getting high tier runestones out of Grab Bags, Daily Pigs and the Fortune Zone.
  6. Blueprints from older seasonal packs no longer require the player to progress their milestones in order to unlock the higher tier blueprints. They are available immediately after purchase, though regular crafting requirements must still be met.
  7. As an added benefit, seasonal blueprints milestone that once unlocked blueprints now have an extra blueprint upgrade available.
  8. The following achievement requirements have been lowered: Craft Items, Sell Items, Clear Quests, Gather Components, Slay Bosses, Fortune Tokens.

Other Changes

  1. Rushing guildmate upgrades with gems will no longer contribute progress towards the Gem Expert achievement to prevent abuse.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a bug causing Maya’s gifts to not randomize properly.
  2. Fixed an issue where some furniture would not give energy upon inspection by customers.
  3. Fixed an issue causing Champion Coins purchased from the Fortune Zone to disconnect users.
  4. Fixed an issue causing crashes at the end of a Customer Frenzy Event.
  5. Fixed an issue with the Dapper Top Hat color swap.
  6. Fixed a bug causing some shopkeeper handheld items to play their animations very infrequently.
  7. Fixed a bug causing the Tiny Ben decoration to alternate between an (intended) Tiny and (unintended) Giga form.
  8. Fixed Tiny Ben’s inverted clock hands.
  9. Fixed skill icon on hero level up screen overlapping skill description.
  10. Fixed various misaligned text strings in the Korean language.
  11. Fixed elemental blueprint items not displaying their quantity properly when creating a request.
  12. Fixed the "Restock" button missing a translation.
  13. Fixed clipping issue with Avatar’s eyes when wearing the Dapper Pocketwatch accessory.
  14. Fixed a bug allowing players to quest in an area they have yet to unlock.
  15. Fixed the Luxurious Panacea item being erroneously referred to as the Luxurious Remedy in market push notifications.