Update June 25, 2020

New Features

Tower of Titans

  1. A mysterious structure looms over the horizon’s edge... the Tower of Titans! This new time-limited dungeon challenges your Heroes to scale its 30 floors featuring brand new strategies and mechanics.
  2. Though each floor is tougher than the last, the many boss encounters will pit your party against monsters with random abilities. "Murder Princess" the heavily armored monster proved to be a cakewalk for your spellcaster squad? Meet "Extreme Overlord", a magic-resistant monster that particularly enjoys attacking Spellcasters...
  3. While climbing your way through the tower and claiming its many rewards, keep your eyes set on its peak. The tower’s Titan awaits your challenge!

Class Promotions

  1. The brave few who manage to best the tower’s Titan will be rewarded with a single Titan Soul. By using its power, one Hero of your choice can have its class promoted to a new, titan-exclusive version. This process permanently grants the Hero 4 skill slots, better stats, and sometimes an improved Innate Skill for the earlier classes.
  2. Each class has an upgraded Titan version available. Earlier classes receive proportionally greater benefits from a promotion, bringing them about on par with Tier 6 classes.

Skill Reroll Dice

  1. Exclusive to the Tower of Titans are the new, nifty Skill Reroll Dice! These consumable items allow you to reroll one skill of your choice on any of your Heroes, without having to spend gems!
  2. They come in 4 varieties, one for each skill slot. Better Skill Reroll Dice can still be used on lower skill slots, if the player desires.

Balance Changes

  1. Daily tasks involving quests are now much more likely to ask for quests relevant to your level.
  2. Increased the odds of customers interacting with pets.
  3. Power Boosters (the quest items) no longer grant a bonus to Evasion.
  4. Reduced the Power contribution of the Ninja’s Innate Skill. Its effect remains unchanged.

Other Changes

  1. While cleaning up a guildmate’s shop, tapping anywhere on the screen will complete the action. This should also resolve a few edge cases where the furniture was impossible to tap.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue causing pets to move away while being inspected by a customer.
  2. Fixed a common crash when moving pet dwellings under some circumstances.
  3. Fixed issues causing Windrunner Shoes and Alpine Stride to have invisible feet.
  4. Fixed an issue causing players to see the same Flashback offers several times in a row.