Update July 9, 2020

Balance Changes

  1. Thinned down the width of the Vertical Rack (size 3).
  2. Improved the benefits of the Defense stat at very high values.
  3. Increase the minimum level of every Tower of Titan by 5. Players should be matched with a Tower that is more in line with their current progress.
  4. All 4 Towers of the Tower of Titans event will now be randomized separately and feature different boss encounters.
  5. Increased the rewards of lower towers for the Tower of Titans.
  6. Increased the chance of receiving enchanted items from quests.

Other Changes

  1. Improved the accuracy of the Quest Outlook system(the Hero smiley faces before a quest, that’s how we’re going to call that from now on) when special monsters mods are involved.
  2. The Tower of Titans now has a roof.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a bug allowing players to go into debt when they don’t have enough gold to feed their pets. Grim.
  2. Fixed Grandmaster Heroes having 0% odds of rolling skills beyond Bronze tier.
  3. Fixed a bug preventing quality and enchanted items from dropping in the Haunted Castle.
  4. Fixed missing prestige values on a few walls and floor customizations.
  5. Loot Bugles will no longer be available for use in the Tower of Titans, as they are completely useless.
  6. Fixed Tower of Titans guild leaderboard showing the slowest times in first place.
  7. Fixed issues related to cycling through Heroes while preparing a Tower of Titans quest.
  8. Fixed a display issue for the Titan on floor 30 of the Tower of Titans.
  9. Fixed limited-time package offers sometimes appearing during battles in the Tower of Titans.
  10. Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur after renaming a hero immediately after customizing them.
  11. Fixed display issues related to using a Mega XP Drink on low-level Heroes.
  12. Fixed an issue causing avatar models to sometimes appear smaller than intended on player profiles.
  13. Fixed a crash that could occur when navigating through Hero Equipment menu using A and D keys.
  14. Fixed Tower of Titans info screen displaying the level range of a different Tower if you leveled up during the event.
  15. Fixed Piggy Bank notification remaining present in Menu if reward was not claimed immediately.