Update August 6, 2020

New Features

All Aboard the Dono Van!

  1. Hailing from the Kern Empire, Donovan is an elven Master Alchemist visiting the Kingdom! What brings him in the region, we wonder...
  2. His ability, Alchemist Tonic, will give your heroes bonuses depending on your party composition!
  3. You can also read some new Champion stories for Rudo & Sia!

New Pet

  1. A new froggy friend has hopped into the pet roster! The Frog pet is available for gold to every shopkeeper at level 40!

New Pet Skins

  1. 2 new skins have been added for each pet; One for gems, and one as a feeding milestone. Check out that chicken!

Balance Changes

  1. Increased the gem cost to rush Tower of Titans quests (now scales with progress within the tower).
  2. XP values added to items by enchantments will now be capped by the base item’s XP value. It now obeys essentially the same rules as gold value.
  3. "Mastery" type skills no longer affect equipment secondary stats. They now accurately reflect their displayed effect.
  4. Skills that affect every single equipment (such as the Spellblade’s innate skill and the break chance reduction skills) will still improve secondary stats, but have had their effect reduced to compensate.
  5. Due to the unique nature of Herbs having a secondary stat by default, the Druid’s rank 3 innate skill will also increase the secondary stat of amulets worn, exceptionally. Go druids.
  6. Reduced the Defense bonus from the following Hero skills : Mage Armor, Wall of Force, Mana Shield.
  7. Increased the odds of getting a Statue from Grab Bags.

Other Changes

  1. Pets can now level up to 99, though only their Prestige will increase past level 40.
  2. Players can now receive a notification when a pet is ready to feed.
  3. The pet interface will now remember the last food fed to that pet.
  4. It is now possible to rotate the camera while viewing a pet.
  5. Players with no investments in a building will now appear in the investors list.
  6. Players will now receive an in-game notification when an offer or request has expired on the Market.
  7. Players can no longer ascend blueprints they cannot craft.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the missing arrows in the guild hall.
  2. Fixed the Bounty Board stating you can unlock more bounty slots when already at max level for the Bounty Board Capacity perk.
  3. Evasion will no longer appear when enchanting an item where Evasion would not be changed.
  4. Fixed issue with slow scrolling on various menus.
  5. Fixed an issue where the tooltips were not present for Tower of Titans rewards on Quest setup.
  6. Fixed an issue where the crafting slot timers would occasionally appear golden.
  7. Fixed an issue with Racks occasionally displaying item types in the wrong section of their Content details.
  8. Fixed an issue allowing multiple carpets to be stacked on top of each other.
  9. Fixed an issue where the Shop Expansion rush gem costs were much more expensive than buying the Shop Expansion with gems.
  10. Fixed an issue where the gold icon would overlap with the "New" label when items are converted to gold in quests.
  11. Fixed a number of issues with numerous text placement in other languages.
  12. Fixed the Unicorn dwelling clipping due to the large size in the Pet customization menu.
  13. Fixed the occasional misaligned shadows for some pet houses/dwellings.
  14. Fixed a rare bug involving players being unable to complete a Tower of Titans quest during an LCOG event.
  15. Fixed a bug causing Mastery type skills to also increase secondary stats.
  16. Fixed a bug where the size of Allan’s Amazing Workplace was reversed.
  17. Fixed a crash that could occur when cycling through customers using the A and D keys.
  18. Fixed a crash that could occur when exiting the Pet inspection menu and shifting camera angle at same time.
  19. Fixed a rare crash that could occur when renaming multiple heroes.