Update September 8, 2020

The King’s Caprice!

  1. His Majesty Reinhold beckons all shopkeepers of the kingdom to indulge in the King’s Caprice!
  2. This new week-long event celebrates the main hobby of all shopkeepers: crafting! Team up with your guild to meet the demands of the King and earn Favor. Enough Favor will unlock rewards for the entire guild, including Antique Tokens to be used in the all-new Antique Store!

The Antique Store

  1. While the King’s Caprice event is active, players will have access to the Antique Store, a small store section containing a selection of content from past seasonal offers. Content from this store can only be purchased with Antique Tokens, which are exclusive to the King’s Caprice event.
  2. There are a few rules surrounding the content of this store:
  3. Seasonal Offer content (packs sold by NPCs) must be at least 6 months old before it can appear in the Antique Store.
  4. Starter Pack content (currently only includes the Kunai) requires the player’s account to be at least 3 months old before it can appear in the Antique Store.
  5. Content from various other sources, such as Premium Worker blueprints, seasonal event content or limited-time giveaways will not be featured in the Antique Store.

Limited Edition Tag

  1. Unique to the King’s Caprice event is the Limited Edition Stamp! This consumable allows you to surcharge a single item twice... a perfect fit for those Superior Shivs you have lying around!
  2. You might even be able to use the stamp on a very capricious customer...

Balance Changes

  1. XP skills (Fast Learner/Super Genius) now grant a small bonus to all item stats. When you are the smarterest, you use items betterer.
  2. Slightly increased the power of the Mage Armor, Wall of Force and Mana Shield skills.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the Sultan Step blueprint missing a secondary stat, as is usual with seasonal blueprints.
  2. Fixed the Magical Lamp’s decoration animation not activating properly.
  3. Fixed expired Market offer/request notifications not clearing properly.
  4. Fixed Market notification displaying on all Market slots instead of just the appropriate one.
  5. Fixed missing string for Pet Feed notification setting in notification preferences.
  6. Fixed the missing content of the Autumn seasonal event.
  7. Fixed the Autumn seasonal offer not triggering properly.