Update December 29, 2021

  1. Hard Truths: The ’checkpoint’ for the first level Dendr demands was calculated incorrectly, not taking into account a difficulty modifier. This could cause a crash in this mission on the "forgiving" difficulty.
  2. Void synthesizer: Removed a couple of tricky ways of getting the void synthesizer to supply planets it shouldn’t.
  3. A Bridge Too Far: Rift bridges now behave consistently with relays and their increased connection cost. Cost increases only count relays on the same side of the bridge. Previously, the behavior was inconsistent and order-dependent.
  4. Holding the Line: It’s no longer possible to build pylons after they’re not needed.
  5. Holding the Line: "Supported pylons" scoring should now ignore useless pylons that don’t contain the rift.
  6. UI: When five council races are available on the council select screen, the scaling would be off on some setups. It should now be correct regardless of screen size and UI scaling settings.
  7. UI: With "UI Scaling" on, the text on campaign briefing screens would overlap the header. This should no longer be the case.