Update June 5, 2021

Balancing changes

  1. The "Forgiving" difficulty is now quite a bit more "forgiving" when it comes to money and happiness.
  2. Campaign mission have more difficulty scaling - they are slightly easier on "Reasonable" now, and much easier on "Forgiving".

Other fixes

  1. Energy-driven Industry should no longer cause phantom products to remain after undo.
  2. Keyboard scrolling should be more pleasant now.
  3. You can now scroll the map using arrow keys if you prefer that/have a keyboard where WASD is uncomfortable.
  4. The version number is now displayed in the main menu in the bottom right corner.

Update #2

  1. Safer writing method used to save progression/tutorial state so that the files don’t get corrupted even in the event of alt+F4/crash during writing.
  2. If already corrupted files exist, the result isn’t continuous crashing anymore, the corrupted file gets replaced with a fresh version (unfortunately with some progression loss).

Update #3

  1. Pinning should now work better. Your pins will no longer get dismissed unless you specifically click with the left mouse button on an empty spot on the map. You can now probe and perform other actions without disturbing them.
  2. [Escape] can now cancel probes (for those without easy access to a right mouse button).
  3. [I] now opens the info tab in the bottom HUD.


  1. "Darkened" sector type should now work correctly in Endless.