Update June 7, 2021

  1. QoL: When undoing, the camera now snaps to the location of the undone action to better show you what was undone.
  2. Fix: Rare issue where tutorial crashed on some Radeon cards/driver versions due to driver bug.
  3. Fix: Lab and anomaly lab work consistently with Machine Sentience (studying bots is always prioritized over them being researchers).
  4. Fix: Labs and anomaly labs no longer accept energy, since that was useless and confusing.
  5. Fix: Missing text for algae farm, artifact trading, asteroid mine, microforge added back in (microforge options text still missing in non-English languages since the text was never localized).
  6. Fix: When you undo a structure build with its colonization options open/pinned, the options will now correctly disappear with the structure.
  7. Fix: The "right-click-to-pickup-last-built-structure" functionality now works again. Bonus - if you’re one of the people reading patch notes, you probably now learned about a somewhat hidden option :).
  8. Fix: Wormhole no longer prevents right-click-dragging the map.
  9. Fix: Videos in the tutorial supposedly show up properly under Proton on Linux now (Linux still unsupported, but we’re glad to help out now and then).
  10. EDIT: This patch originally introduced a regression causing pins to disappear on actions. This is no longer the case.

Update #2

  1. Fix: Izzium sector type - the 3 science bonus for colonizing stabilized izzium planets now works properly.
  2. Fix: Matter transposition - no longer possible to transpose a planet which has an incoming connection from a stabilizer.
  3. Fix: Rare crash that occured with some of the quirks changing the planet composition in the sector.
  4. Fix: Typos in second campaign mission.