Update June 9, 2021

Progression changes

  1. Endless mode: Now unlocks after you earn 1 star in any standard run.
  2. Campaign mode: Completing a mission in one difficulty now unlocks the following mission(s) on all difficulties. This means that you can change difficulty levels freely, eg. drop down to a lower difficulty for one mission and switch to a higher one for the next. Scores are still tracked per-difficulty.


  1. Structure building: Possible fix for the "structure builds immediately after I grab it from the structure tab" issue.
  2. Manual resource routing: The drag should now be more responsive when it comes to target, and you can "aim" with both the mouse cursor and the resource icon depending on your intuition.
  3. Structure preview: More visible lines, since some people reported finding it hard to see the dimmed version.
  4. Planet closeup: slipway tags should no longer obscure the info panels on square-ish aspects with large UI scaling.
  5. Tasks: No longer possible to get the "explore area" task stuck by undoing as the area got revealed.
  6. Lensify: Lensified relays now come with a reachability guarantee - if you were able to reach the planet/asteroid with a slipway, the resulting relay will also be reachable with a slipway.
  7. Main menu: Fix for issue when loading a save didn’t happen immediately and you could click more buttons confusing the game.
  8. Logs: Removed scary error messages from logs that were just a normal consequence of how the saving system works.

Update #2

  1. Fix: Today’s previous patch had a small bug in it that meant endless did not always unlock correctly on 1 star if you had played a few standard runs already. This should now be fixed.