Update August 12, 2020

  1. Added customization options for the final class.
  2. Added separate control for liquidating gems.
  3. Added Level +5/10/25/100 to the relic screen.
  4. Added Low Power Mode (30fps battle animations and reduced particles).
  5. Added a warp increment of 1000.
  6. Fixed an issue with item find that should no longer penalize values over ~80 (let me know about this one!).
  7. Nurse’s "Group Heal" base healing increased to 20% of ally’s Max HP or "100", whichever is greater. Cannot exceed half of ally’s Max HP.
  8. The Janitor’s rank is now considered "Boss" for Soda Script targeting.
  9. Chests will now automatically open if a Thief is in the party.
  10. Pearl Gem buffed to give +10% attack boost and +10% hp boost.
  11. Meat can now be dropped by the Crock Pot and Glazed Guardian enemies.
  12. Fixed an issue where an empty soda script would crash the game.
  13. Fixed an issue that caused town buildings to become un-clickable.
  14. Fixed: Flash effects no longer show for bosses/fairies when turned off.
  15. Fixed: Rounding error when displaying some relics with fractional bonuses.
  16. Fixed: Using a team revive will now correctly re-apply your kitchen hp bonus.
  17. Fixed: "Mark" skill will no longer increase enemy healing output.
  18. Fixed: Blademaster will now correctly show offhand weapon stats such as evasion.
  19. Fixed: Items that prevent status effects will now work against bad fairies.
  20. Fixed: banner ads can no longer appear in the arena.
  21. Fixed an issue where item sprites featuring armor would have oversized hitboxes.
  22. Fixed some Russian and Chinese localization errors.
  23. Fixed: Receiving essence as a gift in the mail will now update the HUD as expected.
  24. Fixed a bug in the compendium that would display item MP as ATK.
  25. The Tavern stairs no longer trigger a refresh prompt.
  26. "Run In Background" is now enabled by default for desktop targets.
  27. Red Crystal base drop rate increased from 1/50 to 1/40.
  28. Blacksmith’s inventory will now clear when moving to a new dimension.
  29. Made the description of the ’Tap Select’ upgrade more helpful.
  30. Made the process of assigning a script more obvious.
  31. Players can now copy their device id to the clipboard for support purposes.