Update October 15, 2020

  1. Add the Recruiter who can save and hire full team loadouts.
  2. Added new character class: The Chef. Use his menu to cook up your spare resources into team buffs!
  3. Added The Wizard’s Oddity shop which brings a number of later-game upgrades such as free dungeon warps, the floors-per-hour counter, and more!
  4. Added Spanish language selection.
  5. The Item Compendium will now show how many of each item you own.
  6. Increased chance of rare ore above level 5k.
  7. Blademaster’s Dual Strike now has 1 turn of cooldown instead of exhausting the character for one turn.
  8. Huntress’ Leader skill now also reduces team skill cooldowns by 1.
  9. Huntress damage bonus limit increased from 500 to 1000. Huntress damage bonus per capture increased from .02 to 1.
  10. Added a 10k warp increment above level 20k.
  11. Reduced Ossein Armor’s base DR from 15 to 5, Gave 15 base DR to the platinum armor. Reduced plat armor’s hp boost% to 5.
  12. Increased base spawn rate of red smithing crystals from 1/40 to 1/35.
  13. The blacksmith will stock between 1 and 10 red crystals after dungeon level 500.
  14. Fixed the adventure progress timer so that hours will no longer roll into days.
  15. Ransack will no longer attempt to steal from the same enemy multiple times when scripted (works like Pilfer).
  16. Fixed a bug where "Defend" couldn’t be scripted for use in a defensive context.
  17. Fixed an issue where "Sharpened" was not considered a positive status effect.
  18. Fixed "Full Screen" overlapping with the "Apply" button in the advanced options menu (Russian only).
  19. Added the ability to copy an existing Soda Script.
  20. Added a crafting recipe for the Dark Amulet once you reach dimension 5.
  21. Fixed the sorting order for leveled items in the Sell and Level Item menus.
  22. The game will now ask you to confirm ANY purchase you wish to make with caps.