Update October 21, 2020

  1. Fixed lots of blocked passages.
  2. Small physics tweak that should make the player less likely to be unjustly crushed.
  3. Players can now fall through platforms and attack immediately.
  4. Players can now fall through platforms while attacking.
  5. Players can now jump while climbing even if they were in the middle of an attack.
  6. Players can now enter doors during their attack animation.
  7. Vlad’s Cape now auto-deploys after the second jump if holding the button.
  8. Players can now toss presents, crates and treasure chests while climbing without falling afterwards.
  9. Fixed issue where jumping after throwing while climbing immediately triggered the hoverpack.
  10. Fixed issue where jumping after attacking while climbing immediately triggered the jetpack, hoverpack, cape and teleporter backpack.
  11. Turkeys can once again fall through platforms while holding the jump button.
  12. Fixed issue where equippables were triggering if tossing something at the same time as jumping.
  13. Fixed tossing animation while wearing a jetpack, cape or Vlad’s Cape.
  14. Jumping away from a tree or from a regular wall while wearing gloves should now be more responsive.
  15. Attacking while jumping will no longer force the maximum height jump.
  16. Telepack is no longer triggered when receiving damage while climbing, hanging or riding a mount.
  17. Poison ticks no longer trigger the telepack.
  18. Completing the sun challenge will now only kill enemies inside the challenge (sorry, Waddler).
  19. Prevented camera from affecting transitioning entities.
  20. Fixed flip in falling platforms.
  21. Added one more treasure to Yang’s hideout.
  22. Bomb bags and bomb boxes now react to lava.
  23. Fixed pause button icon in the controller settings.
  24. Paused time now gets added to the total time immediately.
  25. Added new background art to the hard ending.
  26. Replaced hardcoded text to a dynamic text in the journal’s progression sticker.
  27. Prevented backpack from activating while being webbed.
  28. Lasers will now affect players when they are climbing, hanging, or pushing.
  29. Black market items won’t be free anymore if one of the shopkeepers dies due to a non-player attack.
  30. Increased max score to 99999999.
  31. Fixed internal sisters’ order (saving a specific sister should now correctly appear in Olmec).
  32. Increased the run visual timer to 9 : 59 : 59.999.
  33. Prevented secondary players from carrying untamed or forbidden mounts through levels.
  34. Items tossed with the pitcher’s mitt will now lose their flying effect on contact with water.
  35. Items tossed against laser beams using the pitcher’s mitt now lose their flying status.
  36. Bombs tossed using the pitcher’s mitt now have the same speed as regular stuff.
  37. Prevented spear traps from appearing in the entrance room in a specific theme.
  38. Balance: Added gold on top of snap traps as bait so they’re easier to spot.
  39. Fixed AI issues when the player travels on a pipe or enters a pipe holding a Hired Hand.
  40. Removed ice caves breath from LISE.
  41. Prevented Pilot’s coffin from spawning in seeded and daily runs.
  42. Dialogs’ and descriptions’ text box size now also changes depending on the player setting together with the text inside them.
  43. Opening the game menu now clears the current description and dialog texts.
  44. Mounts’ hitboxes slightly widened so they should be harder to miss and easier to ride.
  45. Prevented Hired Hands from dropping their held item from ledges.
  46. Prevented Hired Hands from entering in stay put state if they are forced dropped from the player.
  47. Parachutes now detach once the wearer gets rebound upwards.
  48. Killing a certain shopkeeper will now free its purchasable items.
  49. A certain shopkeeper now unlocks in the journal on entering to its shop.
  50. Vendors no longer drop treasure when killed after being revived.
  51. Ironman, Speedlunky, and Low Scorer achievements will now unlock on any ending.
  52. Hired Hands are now able to detect spear traps.
  53. Mantraps no longer deal regular damage if a player touches them while they’re eating something else.
  54. Fixed issue with deathmatch starting powerups.
  55. Tweaked certain equippables’ position while crouching.
  56. Added more logging at multiple locations.
  57. Fixed issue where high speed arrows were sometimes not triggering arrow traps.
  58. Renamed "score" leaderboard to "depth" to better reflect that level takes precedence.
  59. Fixed looking direction if the flip state is canceled before the animation has completed.
  60. Fixed issue where octopus could stunlock and kill you in mid air.
  61. Killed players’ clones can now be sacrificed.
  62. Prevented killed players’ clones from appearing in the next level.
  63. Made it safer to drop an arrow near a purchasable equippable.
  64. Added platform to the Udjat eye’s socket to ensure that drill can be enabled even if the floor has disappeared.
  65. Prevented Best Time from updating when using shortcuts.
  66. Fixed punish ball position on reviving with the ankh.
  67. Fixed visual glitch of an NPC when being webbed, frozen, or bubbled.
  68. Fixed issue when a player receives damage in mid air while mounted and wearing a telepack.
  69. Fixed bag cloning.
  70. Fixed vendors speed on being eaten by a mantrap.
  71. Vendors will now drop their weapon when eaten by a mantrap.
  72. Fixed axolotl head states on entering a door.
  73. On-sale items that went out of the shop are now purchasable.
  74. Prevented vendors from picking up weapons while being inside a mantrap.
  75. Fixed HUD’s Udjat Eye visual glitch.
  76. Minor improvements to collision detection.
  77. Fixed case where a caveman could spawn asleep while also riding a mount.
  78. Prevented idol from being delivered to the exit door if it is being carried by a caveman.
  79. Removed curse and poison of players when becoming a constellation.
  80. Ankh animation will once again correctly play all its pulse sounds.
  81. Snail attach sound will no longer play at the start of the basecamp.
  82. Some basecamp creature now spawns at the floor instead of mid-air.
  83. Snap trap should no longer play the damaged sound after triggering.
  84. Fixed crash related to mantraps.
  85. Fixed crash related to hired hands.
  86. Pets can now enter through special worlds’ doors.
  87. Fixed crash when the ghost jellyfish spawns after the player has already been killed.
  88. Fixed a potential crash on jellyfish.
  89. Fixed multiple crashes in Arena.
  90. Fixed soft-locks due to an infinite sticky trap stunlock.
  91. Added resolution scaling option to the settings.
  92. Added controller button prompt selector to the settings.

Update #2

  1. Fixed issue where floating with the Vlad’s cape didn’t let the player climb or grab on to ledges.
  2. Fixed crawling down to ledges.