Update October 5, 2020

  1. Fixed soft-lock when starting a 4 players coop game without having unlocked any other character.
  2. The game will now pause when a controller is disconnected.
  3. Achievements "You got this", "Mama’s little helper" and "Mama’s big helper" should now eventually unlock to those who didn’t successfully unlock them the first time.
  4. Implemented new Low performance setting (Official minimum requirements still apply as before, however this setting should allow lower end hardware to better handle the game, specially on tougher levels like Volcana).
  5. Fixed some menu soft-locks.
  6. Fixed slowdowns when using a bluetooth controller (thanks Underdog for your help on figuring out this one!).
  7. Fixed issue where the "forgiven" message wasn’t showing during a dark level event.
  8. Shop items can now be bought while running.
  9. Added special timer sound to large bombs.
  10. "Enter" and "<>" buttons can now be assigned in the remapping screen.
  11. Fixed keyboard input when using the numpad keys.