Update October 9, 2020

  1. Pressing the bomb and rope buttons at the same time will no longer toss both if not enough resources.
  2. Osiris’ portal will now increase its size after a few seconds to prevent soft-locks.
  3. Using an exit door while carrying an idol will now automatically deliver it.
  4. Sun Challenge generation is now guaranteed.
  5. Fixed issue where players could sometimes stick a paste bomb to themselves.
  6. Fixed issue that made players not able to flip and grab a ledge.
  7. Attacking and throwing stuff should no longer shut jetpacks/capes off.
  8. Prevented Arena Champion achievement from unlocking in Hold the Idol mode.
  9. Ending characters are no longer unlocked during seeded or daily runs.
  10. Improved stomps.
  11. Heat soundbank memory on load.
  12. Savegame partial rework, hopefully fixes some very rare issues with saves not updating.
  13. Fixed crash on using the telepack while starting to hang from a corner.
  14. Prevented some special headwear from teleporting the player during the ending scenes.
  15. Fixed ending scene on disconnecting the controller when the player is stunned.
  16. Fixed keyboard keys naming (remapping the keys could be required).
  17. To use a controller once the game is using the keyboard will now require pressing A button in the controller instead of pressing any button or moving any stick.
  18. Kali will no longer gift the compass when the player already has a similar item.
  19. Added margin to thorny vines so players should be able to sprint-cross single gaps while wearing boots.
  20. Fixed issue where playing seeded/daily would make the next adventure run always use a certain seed.
  21. Prevented rider from unmounting from a mount while they’re transitioning.
  22. Fixed cursed and poisoned status of the mounts on being carried to the next level.
  23. Fixed case where giant spiders were creating webs a bit lower than intended.
  24. Reduced firebug spawn chance on certain large rooms.
  25. "Time to win" now cannot be greater than "timer" in HTI rules.
  26. Fixed journal’s recounts for some entries in the People section.
  27. Fixed monster kill report when the monster has just damaged the player.
  28. Lava pots will no longer spawn magmamen during the ending sequence.
  29. Fixed issue where arena level selection screen could break after changing the initial character selection.
  30. Prevented boomerang from breaking held fragile items.
  31. Fixed issue where Neo Babylon mushrooms hats were sometimes being destroyed instantaneously.
  32. Fixed slight visual glitch on the HUD player heart.
  33. Fixed issue where a placeholder texture could be rendered during the main menu.
  34. Beating your previous tutorial race best time now immediately saves the result.

Update #2

  1. Fixed issue where using jetpacks and capes, while now allow attacking and tossing, also prevented other actions, such as climbing or grabbing a ledge.