Update October 14, 2020

  1. Updated FMOD to address a memory leak.
  2. Fixed stuttering in some HDD setups.
  3. Prevented journal from opening using TAB when the SHIFT key is pressed.
  4. Display non-remappable buttons to the keyboard controls screen as help.
  5. Fixed issue where non damaging visual FX were bigger than damaging ones.
  6. Attacking but not dealing damage will now use a hopefully clearer VFX.
  7. Language switch is no longer saved unless the player applies it.
  8. Prevented the ankh from removing the leader flag, which was causing a crash on moving to the second layer after reviving.
  9. All players in a local coop will now move to the entrance along with the ankh’s revived player.
  10. Low Scorer achievement will now unlock even if the player skips the ending scene.
  11. Challenges will now cancel if the ankh is used.
  12. Players can no longer skip the ending before getting the bonus score.
  13. Fixed coop camera when first player dead and the second player sacrifices himself in the CoG altar.
  14. Fixed issue where the current seed was showing during character selection and other screens.
  15. Fixed leaderboard filter text that was too long on certain languages.
  16. Fixed temple level generation (crush traps should no longer spawn next to pushblocks).
  17. Tuned monsters spawn chances in Dwelling.
  18. Added more room variety in the last Dwelling level.
  19. Fixed some blocked levels generation in multiple themes.
  20. Fixed crash when finishing the game with a mount.
  21. Fixed entities’ looking direction on being pick-up while webbed.
  22. Fixed movement when leaving a ladder due to monster collision or weapon recoil.
  23. Fixed oversight that made paste bombs attached to corpses not blow up on contact with lava.
  24. Fixed an issue with saves not saving on Proton (checked on arch tkg-5.1.8).
  25. Minor performance optimizations.
  26. Fixed crash when cavemen equipped jetpacks or capes.
  27. Olmec floaters can no longer be pushed by shields.
  28. Golden scarabs are no longer collected during leaving doors invulnerability frames (helpful for no money achievements).
  29. Dice tossed against a laser beam will now bounce back with half the force.
  30. Explosive stuff now have some invulnerability frames on creation (prevents rare hoverpacks spawned from mosquitoes from immediately being blown up, for example).