Update October 1, 2020

  1. Fixed leaderboard scene title glitch during fade in
  2. Added fallback when 0 display modes are returned
  3. Journal stickers now always go into the right zone
  4. The journal should no longer crash on a very advanced game
  5. Game is now limited to 60fps when running on the background or minimized
  6. Fixed take-off scene that had no NPCs on the surface
  7. Fixed an input polling issue that could be creating some slowdowns when certain gamepads are connected
  8. Trying to fall through a platform immediately after touching it should now behave more consistently
  9. Fixed issue where 2 instances of the game were launching at the same time
  10. Made some slight improvements to the lower performance setting
  11. Renamed the Low performance setting to Normal as an additional "Low" setting is planned to be added in the future
  12. Game now defaults Visual Effects to Normal