Update March 19, 2021


  1. Barons are less inclined to raid other barons, particularly those in the same faction during war time.
  2. Dukes and archons are less inclined to give away their territory when they are at or above their vassal limit.
  3. Dukes and archons will badger you less to give away your territory when you are at or above their vassal limit.
  4. Improve Relations now has a stronger effect, and lasts for longer after the assignment ends.


  1. Quickbar bookmarks are now saved and loaded.
  2. Assignments that have a fixed duration now show how many turns they have left in the assignments list.
  3. When making a request or demand, you now get the option to change your mind and not make either.
  4. The Demand action now describes the consequence of the demand not being accepted in the tooltip.
  5. The game now highlights that a game cannot be started because some customization settings are invalid.
  6. You are now told when a character in your house becomes pregnant or has a stillbirth, even if they are not closely related to you.
  7. Minor improvements to tutorial.
  8. Various text and tooltip improvements.


  1. Fixed bug where vassal duke was not being given the chance to react when their archon deposed them while championing a claim.
  2. Fixed rare crash bug when starting a new game or loading a game.
  3. Fixed rare game halting bug when conquering a system.
  4. Fixed occasional game halting bug when the character claims panel for a dead character was open.
  5. When a ruler dies, they are no longer tagged as an "upstart" during the death event.
  6. Minor fixes to story events.