Update September 3, 2021


  1. Reduced the level of relatedness at which people are considered kin.
  2. Reduced kin distance at which justice charge can be escalated.
  3. Reduced some of the erratic behaviour by rulers when betraying their master or rebelling.
  4. Reduced slightly the vicious "abandonement" spiral when a player goes into negative reputation.
  5. Small increase to house size limit at start of game.
  6. Reduced the amount of illness, reduced the probability that someone will be healed without medical attention, increased the efficacy of medical attention.
  7. Rebalancing of some combat tactics.


  1. Fixed inconsistency between predicted favours if you support a combat, and those actually awarded.
  2. Added Secret AND filter to Creator modding tool.
  3. Added Secret OR filter to Creator modding tool.
  4. Tweaks to text.