Update October 18, 2021


  1. Secret discovery, both passively and via Spy Network, has been reworked.
  2. Secrets now have an associated location, such that they can be passively discovered by the house of that location, or by a Spy Network on that location.
  3. Spy Network now reveals more of the petty secrets of the members of the ruling house of the target location.
  4. Spy Network can now be carried out on your home system and provides a defensive bonus against enemy spy networks.
  5. Spy Network now generates opportunities for disruption and sabotage on the target location.
  6. Spy Network now gradually reveals the residents of the target location, starting from the most important members of the ruling house.
  7. You can now extort non-ruler characters when you know one of their secrets (you can already blackmail rulers).
  8. Added a suggestion listing the characters you can extort or blackmail.
  9. The list of secrets now highlights those that cannot be revealed by you.
  10. Secrets now have an icon which when hovered shows the expected honor consequences of revealing the secret.
  11. The action to reveal a secret now shows the honor consequence to you from doing so.


  1. When asked to join a side in combat, it is no longer possible for all choices to be dishonorable.
  2. Beneficiaries of a crime no longer get negative opinion towards the actor, and cannot be charged to avenge it.
  3. The charged update now tells you whether ignoring the charge has a moral penalty.
  4. The charged update now explains by what right the character charged you, and (where appropriate) why they in turn had an obligation to do so.
  5. When you are charged, you now get the opportunity to deal with the charge immediately.
  6. The justice panel now provides a mechanism by which you can see the direct options you have to deal with a charge or grievance.
  7. The justice panel now seperates the charges you are obliged to deal with from the ones you are not.
  8. You can now offer to avenge a crime directly from the justice panel.
  9. Added action to fine a ruler for a larger amount.
  10. Added action to humiliate a noble on your system (1-sword crime/punishment). Nerve whipping is now a larger crime/punishment.
  11. Rulers and nobles now resolve charges more consistently.
  12. It is now a smaller crime to fire someone from the council.


  1. Beta German Localization! (you can change language in the top right of the main menu).
  2. You can now pet the dog.
  3. Tweaked game generation so it is less likely for your initial vassal barons to immediately betray you.
  4. You can now seduce characters that are part of your house.
  5. The "House" prefix for a house name is now mandatory.
  6. The star system summary now also shows unrest on system.
  7. Reduced cost of Spread Dissent to 30.
  8. Reduced per turn cost of Quell Unrest to 1.
  9. Many minor tweaks to UI, tooltips, in-game text, story events.


  1. Fixed two rare causes of the end of turn soft-lock.
  2. Fixed soft-lock when switching to the Vassals tab while appointing a ruler to a rebuilt colony.
  3. Fixed bug where per turn cost of Quell Unrest was not being deducted from house finances.
  4. You can no longer seduce characters in a faction with whom you are at war.
  5. Fixed bug where the player was not being told when a romantic partner broke up with them.
  6. It is no longer possible for a colony to have less than zero unrest.
  7. Fixed issue where a character would push a claim to rule an unknown system or faction.
  8. The "Cover Up" suggestion is no longer shown for secrets that are already being covered up, or which cannot be covered up.
  9. Fixed issue where some secrets where not prompting the "Cover Up" suggestion.
  10. Fixed issue where not all unmarried house members were showing up in the suggestion to marry off your house members.
  11. Fixed bug where sometimes you would bring along your dead spouse to a feast.
  12. Fixed issue where reputation and happiness bars in bottom toolbar where sometimes not drawn correctly.
  13. Fixed issue where the game would still say a mod is enabled after it was manually removed from the Mods directory.

Modding - Intrigue

  1. Added "Secrets Associated With" source.
  2. Added "Can Be Revealed By" filter.
  3. Added "Do Secret Cannot Reveal" effect.
  4. Added Secret List Matcher.
  5. Added Passed Secret Matcher.
  6. Enabled secret properties in Branching outcome weight calculation.

Modding - General

  1. It is now possible to hide decision choices in Creator, if their prerequisites are not met.
  2. Added option to randomize results from a list matcher.
  3. Added "Home System Of" filter.
  4. Added "Is Resident Of" filter.
  5. Added "Modify Skill Level Worst" effect.
  6. Added "Modify Skill Level Best" effect.
  7. Added "crIcon" text function that prints the money icon.
  8. Added Passed Assignment Matcher.
  9. Added "Effectiveness In Assignments Targetting This Character" flag effect.
  10. Added "Sub Story Event List" effect.
  11. Added "Matcher - Assignment Count" calculation.
  12. Added Assignment List Matcher.
  13. Added "Active Assignments" house property.
  14. The "Do Divorce" effect now handles the scenario where the character has no spouse gracefully.
  15. Added "domainOf" text function.