Update November 18, 2021


  1. You can now scout for potential new members to add to your house.
  2. It is now easier to find marriage candidates for members of your house.
  3. It is no longer possible to try to seduce a dead character.
  4. Fixed scenario where a join request in combat was still dishonorable for both accept and refuse.
  5. Fixed bug where selecting the Pacifists starting trait gave you the Tactical Tradition starting trait instead.
  6. A house member’s death will now always be shown to the player, even if their notification settings are "Lowest".
  7. The player will always be notified that a secret was revealed if they were aware of the secret beforehand.
  8. The notification that you have successfully assassinated a character will now be shown even if you have set notifications to Lowest.
  9. Fixes to German localization.
  10. Tweaks to story events, UI, tooltips.

Modding Tool

  1. You can now add names for characters, star systems, and factions to the game, using a "Name List Element" inside a "Config Bundle".
  2. Added "Is Parent Of" filter.
  3. Fixed bug in "Can Be Married To" filter.
  4. The "Do Assign Council Member" effect now correctly predicts the dishonor from firing the previous councillor.
  5. The "New Character Spawner" now lets you choose the best skill of that character.
  6. "Add Status Event" now works on dead characters.
  7. Added "Fired From Council" internal event that can be hooked into by "Story Event After Internal Event for Character".
  8. Added "Die from Illness" flag effect.
  9. You can now disable createables in Core using the "Ignore Createable" element in "Config Bundle".
  10. Added "Is Discovery Difficulty" secret filter.
  11. Fixed bug with inverted choice prequisites that had no override text.