Update v3.0.1


  1. Added several new diplomatic messages for Becoming the Crisis empires.


  1. A wormhole now connects Scions to their Fallen Empire overlords.
  2. Aetherophasic Engine now grants increasing amounts of energy, minerals and Naval Capacity with each upgrade.
  3. Scaled down the Unity rewards of various espionage events which now award a value based on existing, monthly Unity income.
  4. Imperial Security Directorate updated such that it now offers the Emperor +2 to Decryption and +4 to Encryption only.
  5. Reverted change to special resource edicts’ one-time costs: their costs now increase with empire sprawl as well as overextension, as opposed to just overextension. Also clarified the tooltip a bit.
  6. The new Special Projects for the final step in the base game Precursor event chains now take 30 days to research.
  7. The Indentured Servitude slavery type no longer applies Slavery based production modifiers if the pop is working in a Specialist job. Other slavery based modifiers such as reduced Housing and Amenity usage continue to apply.
  8. Lowered chance of Unbidden spawning as they can spawn early, so were appearing a lot more often than other crises.
  9. Reintroduced Slave Processing Facility requirement to recruiting Slave Armies.

Performance and Stability

  1. Fixed potential CTD when partial failure to connect to host in MP view.
  2. Stopped research_all_technologies console command from crashing the game.
  3. Right click unassigning a spymaster envoy no longer desyncs the game in MP.
  4. Improved efficiency of the code for picking what to build via planetary automation scripts.
  5. Reduced the "destroy galaxy" performance impact by not destroying each pop individually.
  6. Remade destroy colony so it is destroying any pops before changing owner/controller to no country just to reduce the amount of per pop calculations.
  7. Removed ai_weight fields from buildings, as the AI was periodically evaluating whether they added up to less than -1 (which they never did) to see if they should be destroyed. (Note: ai_weights were replaced by economic_plans so were not used for evaluating which building to build; note 2: if for some reason as a modder you really want to use them, you can still do so by disabling economic_plans).
  8. Fixed crash on Linux when joining a game through steam friends while the game was running.


  1. Filter out ill suited empires from the top right target Empire drop down in the Diplomacy view. E.g. The Shroud and Curator Enclaves.
  2. Galactic focus selection window is now hidden when changing tab in the galactic community.
  3. Rename Build ship and Build Defensive Platforms buttons on Starbases and Megastructures to Open catalog, which better describes the actual action.
  4. Disable newly renamed Open catalog buttons in Starbase and Megastructure ship builder UI when they have no effect.
  5. The Special Deposit tooltip now lists the effects that the special deposits have.
  6. UX rehaul of the MP Game Lobby making it clearer what to do and who’s ready.
  7. Excavation sites are now greyed out when fully excavated.
  8. Remade planet view locked building slot tooltip to refer to actual capital building name and district with highest building slot add modifier.
  9. Details for fleet, pops, economy, and technology are now hidden in the breakdown of diplomatic weight if you don’t have enough intel.
  10. Tidied up the tooltip for a planet’s habitability in the planet’s interface to clearly state what each number is.
  11. Intel value text should now be displayed better in all languages.
  12. The espionage operation categories filter is now hidden if there are less than 2 operations available.
  13. Only showing espionage operation category filters for potential and/or ongoing operations.
  14. You can now use "go to capital" on Marauders in the Contacts menu (it will take you to their home system).
  15. If you have sufficient intel, hovering over the button to form or cancel a research agreement will now tell you how many technologies you and the other country may learn from it.
  16. Hovering over the button to form or cancel a commercial agreement now tells you how many credits you will gain from it (rather than you having to propose the agreement to find out).
  17. When you are offered a commercial agreement, you will now hear about the energy credit benefits.
  18. Removed superfluous "Are you the baddie?" tooltip for the Crisis tab, only displayed when not Becoming the Crisis.
  19. Improved consistency of Diplomatic Stance policy options being hidden or unavailable; visibility is now determined by government type and DLC ownership, while other factors determine availability.
  20. Changed tooltip for starbase buildings/modules in starbase view buildables to show calculated value and hide base if value is not affected by modifier.
  21. The tooltip for Crisis Objectives now contains information for how much Menace you have gained from this Objective.
  22. Added variety to the "unknown species" cardboard cutout in the first contact interface.
  23. Fixed inappropriate line breaks in "Intel" labels for some languages,.
  24. Show diplomatic pacts an Empire has even if they’re only known via a second hand Intel source. E.g. You having high Intel on A and thereby knowing it has a Commercial Pact with B will now show that Commercial Pact in the diplomacy view of B even if you don’t have full Intel on all of B’s diplomatic pacts.
  25. Cost/upkeep/production breakdown tooltip should not show mult modifiers for "empty" resources.
  26. Opinion map mode now properly hides opinion breakdowns unless enough Intel is gained.


  1. AI war strategies are now recalculated more often to make it respond better to changes in ally fleets.
  2. The AI now better accounts for the value of different resources when deciding what to buy on the market.
  3. Allow the AI to trade with Living Metal, Dark Matter, and Zro on the market.
  4. Added cooldown before AI considers responding to a proposal, set in define DIPLOMACY_RESPONSE_COOLDOWN_DAYS.
  5. Increased randomness when AI responds to proposals, will still do a daily roll if it should but chance for responding starts at none and then rapidly increases each day until proposal expiration date.
  6. The AI now better take into consideration that Federation and GDF ships have no upkeep when deciding which ships to build.
  7. The independent GDF AI will now remember which capital systems it has visited upon reloading a save file.


  1. Added on_army_killed_in_combat / no_combat on_actions.
  2. Using "pop" scope change in army scope now takes you to the pop that spawned the army.
  3. Added export_resource_income_to_variable effect.
  4. Added export_trigger_value_to_variable_effect.
  5. Added trigger is_current_first_contact_stage.
  6. Fixed various issues with setting species archetype restrictions for government elements (civics, authorities) so that it is now checked in every case and can be used safely.
  7. Enabled triggered descriptions and gametext ([ ] commands) in espionage operation descriptions.
  8. Fixed a bug in scripted effects/triggers that meant that you’d get weird startup errors if you ever used more than one "[" in a scripted effect/trigger.
  9. Added is_total_war trigger.
  10. Fixed issue where owned_species and enslaved_species scope script lists would not always work in planet events.
  11. Added abort trigger on espionage operation type for killing of an active operation.
  12. Added has_active_building trigger (checks if a planet has the building in a non-ruined and non-disabled state).
  13. Added effect for postponing modifier calculations, useful when executing a lot of effects where individual result of them is not important.
  14. Fixed cases of missing modifier names (where a modifier would show up as "<blank>: +X") in pop jobs (triggered modifiers) and deposits (country modifiers).
  15. Fixed any_owned_species so it also works on day 1 of a new game now.
  16. Added remove_invalid_civics option to change_government effect to force incompatible civics to be removed from the government.
  17. Made is_majority_species make sense.
  18. Fixed some minor documentation issues brought to our attention by eagle-eyed modders.


  1. Fixed rare case of frontend background not covering the entire screen.
  2. Fix occasional fullscreen flickering when running with the -dx11 flag.
  3. Zro Distillation now always becomes a tech option if Extradimensional Experimentation resolution is enacted.
  4. Removed superfluous information about default country types in the tooltip for forming a research agreement.
  5. Event "The Fumes Lie Thick" now tells you about the scientist’s new trait.
  6. Fixed an issue where habitat auto-designation would not pick energy specialisation when that was clearly the right choice.
  7. Fixed some grammar errors in "Wind Back and Proceed" archaeology event.
  8. Molluscoid Integration event now no longer refers to "tiles" (what on earth is a tile?? :) ). It now also only gives you 6 new pops.
  9. Fixed an issue where the special project fail event "Smuggler Weapons Trade" would talk about a spaceship rather than a planet.
  10. Fixed Machine Synchronicity Traditions lacking a line break at the end, causing it to be fairly unreadable.
  11. Fixed an issue where you could break the Necrophage origin by having your prepatent species as a subspecies of the main species.
  12. Random Spy Network event "An Operative Resurfaces" no longer refers to the empire’s leader getting hands-on in extraction of operatives, and preparing security reports.
  13. Added a missing tooltip from random Operations event "Excess Noise".
  14. Corrected a missing tooltip from Spy Network event "Hostile Infiltration Detected".
  15. Leaving federations through events no longer generates opinion penalties unless we deliberately want those penalties set.
  16. Resolutions to repeal the banning of slave trade now have their correct icons.
  17. Corrected Fallen Empires in their mistaken assumption that they have 16 building slots instead of 12 on their starting planets.
  18. Added various government types which were not fully recognized by VIR during the first stage of the tutorial.
  19. Selecting an Oligarchic authority type with the Death Cult civic is now consistently recognized as a Grim Council government.
  20. Fixed several cases where Alloy Mega-Forges and other similar buildings providing +X jobs per Y district would sometimes be unspecific or wrong about how many jobs they’d get from you building which district.
  21. Fixed several fallen empires lacking housing due to having no city districts.
  22. You can no longer get the "Scandalous Insult" event on yourself.
  23. Improved tooltip for when a Spy Network has become overextended.
  24. Subjects that are in a federation with their overlord should now be able to declare a war for independence on them.
  25. Make diplo action positive/neutral/negative background shown in UI again.
  26. Reanimated Armies is now fully incompatible with Synthetic Ascension, rather than just quietly doing nothing as before.
  27. Cosmic Nudge arc site now no longer gives you 10% progress on a habitability tech way beyond what you have researched (essentially useless as it costs so much), but instead gives you progress on the next tech in that line that you can research.
  28. First Contact event "A Terrible Sight to Behold" no longer shows a happy handshake as its event picture.
  29. Guarantee independence now displayed properly in the diplomacy view (them guaranteeing our independence does not make it work the other way around).
  30. The tooltip for Society Management now correctly mentions the Crisis tab if the player has Nemesis installed.
  31. Fixed a reference to the "Traditions and Relics" interface in the tutorial (it is now "Society Management").
  32. Fixed AIs unintentionally spawning Advanced Empires through the Lost Colony origin even when Advanced AI Starts have been disabled by the player.
  33. Galaxy Generator now uses correct starbase types for marauders and FE when it needs to connect the empire through a non owned system.
  34. Fixed the AI sometimes having sectors with no planets in them.
  35. Operation Arm Privateers may only be conducted against the same target once every 3 years. The operation will conclude early if another empire has successfully armed the brigands before you have.
  36. If the other side finishes the first contact site before you, but you had successfully started a hostile first contact event chain and were merely awaiting the outcome (e.g. completing the vivisection), you will now get the rewards and flavour event anyway.
  37. Operation event "Smear Campaign Exposed" now makes references to the proper empires in its description.
  38. Reworked the final step of the Vultaum, Yuht, First League, Irassian, and Cybrex precursor chains. They now provide a one-day Special Project on the discovered homeworld rather than the last event being fired on-survey. This should improve visibility and increase robustness in situations where e.g. the star system changes ownership or is colonized.
  39. Added bespoke event descriptions for scenarios in which Operation Spark Diplomatic Incident is conducted against a target who, in turn, causes offense to your own empire.
  40. Fixed some cases of starbases incorrectly respawning on loading a save.
  41. AI will now give AI full rights in some circumstances.
  42. Fixed Adaptability Tradition "Survival of the Fittest" not using its own art.
  43. Fixes a bug in events not creating random outcomes properly in some cases.
  44. Fixed missing event title when declaring Tiyanki to be galactic pests (frankly uncalled for).
  45. Clarified some references to target Encryption in events "Contact Lost" and "A Surprise Catch".
  46. Votes now display as a popup so that they are not as easily missed and auto-declined.
  47. Empires who receive the event "An Operative Resurfaces" and who maintain a Spy Network on the empire in question are now able to attempt an extraction of said operative, assuming they have a sufficient Infiltration Level.
  48. "An Operative Resurfaces" events are now part of a more easily trackable event chain.
  49. Removed various instances of an extra exclamation mark appearing in notification messages.
  50. Added a prolog step to the tutorial for establishing First Contact. Players will now be directed to the Situation Log in order to begin the process.
  51. Fixed a case where you sometimes wouldn’t get the Does Not Compute achievement if multiple countries’ fleets were bombarding the last AI planet.
  52. Wipe Em Out war goal will now no longer destroy starbases that previously belonged to your vassals, but will instead return them.
  53. Fixes num_species and num_unique_species triggers. This affected, but is not limited to the Tourist Trap achievement not working.
  54. Fixed an edge case where The Surveyor relic would rarely fail to spawn a resource deposit.
  55. Fixed a trigger check in Operation Smear Campaign which may not produce the expected results for campaigns involving xenophilic empires.
  56. Refined script for Operation Smear Campaign such that it should now be able to handle multiple campaigns targeting the same empire at once.
  57. Fixed an error in which targets of Operation Smear Campaign who do not have an active Spy Network may fail to receive any event at all, and thus would not have any of their opinions changed.
  58. Fixed a faulty reference to the country being targeted by Arm Privateers in the notification event, "Privateers Already Engaged".
  59. Fixed broken Go To buttons in a couple of Caravaneer events.
  60. Fixed Xenophobes welcoming aliens with open arms in the "Caravaneers: A warm welcome!" event.
  61. Scripts which may apply reinforcements for the Galactic Defense Force on an annual basis are now only enacted so long as a playable country remains a member of the Galactic Community.
  62. Improved a tooltip on the Operations panel, explaining when and why Crisis Beacon is subject to a cooldown period.
  63. Fixed a reference to the Spymaster in localisation, for the finalé event in which Operation Crisis Beacon is set to work on the Unbidden.
  64. Fixed an error which caused the random Operations event "Snuffed Out" not to fire "Hostile Infiltration Detected", if the empire in question falls foul of their target’s Encryption level.
  65. Auto-upgrade for Federation and GDF ship designs now properly applies the technology of all member empires when choosing components.
  66. Fixed planetary automation sometimes failing to build anything if there was unemployment but multiple free jobs.
  67. Fixed several edge cases where precursor systems could spawn outside of your borders.
  68. * Fixed an exploit where you could mod the game to get a button giving 500 minerals for free without changing the checksum.
  69. Fixed dialog references to the Great Khan’s vanquisher in "The Great Khan Meets Defeat", such that even an unknown empire is referred to by its proper name.
  70. Fixed the tooltip for the event when you Become Emperor showing erroneous information if you did so as a Gestalt of Megacorp empire.
  71. Updated modifier names when switching ruler since title is depending on ruler and heir roles.
  72. Fixed a scripted check which is used to ascertain whether or not the empire in question has an active Spy Network.
  73. Fixed missing modifier name for tradition swap tr_diplomacy_insider_trading_megacorp (Insider Trading as a Megacorp) - made it correctly inherit the parent’s modifier name.
  74. Fixed envoy event "Gone Native" sometimes missing a description entirely.
  75. Fixed the tooltip for Pop Assembling Capacity (below Pop Assembly in the planet interface) not showing all information and not taking into account organic assembly.
  76. Fixed a bug where buildings that increased the number of jobs offered by other buildings or districts would do this even if they were ruined or disabled.
  77. Fixed it being possible to recruit Imperial Legions infinitely (it is now capped to 12).
  78. Fixed event icons in event for opening communications presenting wrong information when concerning Fallen Empires.
  79. Fixed Subterranean Refugees event failing to create a pop.
  80. Fixed information for resource gain from Commercial Pacts while proposing it showing the information the wrong way around, i.e. it would say the other side would get what you would get and vice versa.
  81. Curbed the Galactic Emperor’s extreme paranoia - not everyone is a seditionist (i.e. the Emperor can now only run the Operation Target Seditionists against rivals and countries actually undermining their authority).
  82. "Leviathan Down" anomaly event now gives the planet a Metal Boneyard deposit if it is inhabited, instead of granting an unlocalised one meant for orbital deposits.
  83. Made the "Falling Intel" alert more helpful.
  84. Improved a descriptor for relatively weak encryption/decryption.
  85. Fixed the Mineral Extraction Operation’s mining stations proving an insurmountable obstacle to AI expansion.
  86. You now no longer gain menace per month while purging, but instead upon a pop finishing being purged.
  87. Enabled the overlay for assigning envoys in Spy Network view.
  88. Fixed a Crisis Beacon operation event falling back to the wrong event text in a certain situation.
  89. Added indicator for recurring menace objectives.
  90. If you have the "Lost Amoeba" anomaly event, you no longer need to establish communications with space amoebas. That event’s options now give you the space amoeba buffs/projects in that case.
  91. Fixed some cases where you could not interact with a colony because it was occupied by factions such as the CARE Mechanocalibrator.
  92. Having claims on a subject now means you can use the Claims casus belli on their overlord.
  93. The "Form Galactic Council" resolution will no longer appear as active after the Galactic Imperium has fallen.
  94. When forming the Galactic Council again after it has been abolished, the time until the next election will be the expected 180 days instead of the longer time that is normally between elections.
  95. Fixed tutorial sometimes opening and closing in rapid succession.
  96. Fixed an issue where government data of Custodians and Imperium rulers would not be restored when they lose their position.
  97. The AI and player default for very strong syncretic servile slaves is to have them as Chattel rather than as Battle Thralls.
  98. Fixed Isolationist faction’s first contact policy demands to be for not having a Proactive policy, rather than for explicitly having an Aggressive one.
  99. Inwards Perfectionists’ Materialist faction will no longer demand Research Agreements (since that demand cannot be fulfilled).
  100. Slaves that are working Specialist jobs now gain Specialist production modifiers rather than Worker production modifiers. (Necrophages will no longer suffer penalties in the Specialist tier as Indentured Servants, and the Authoritarian worker bonuses will no longer apply at the Specialist tier either.).
  101. Fixed the Shoot to Kill achievement (its logic was flipped, so you had to be the victim to get it!).
  102. Fixed Sic Semper Tyrannis achievement.
  103. Forming the Galactic Imperium no longer triggers a government cooldown.
  104. Script controlling the expansion of Ancient Mining Drone fleets has been reworked so as to no longer create excessive event scope backlogs.
  105. Mining Drone Expansion Fleet and Aggressive Drone Expansion Fleet have been reworked such that every 10 years, for as long as the Mining Drones persist, 3 fleets will spawn and seek out suitable systems into which they can expand. The fleets favor systems which lie within 1-6 hyperlane jumps from their system of origin.
  106. Fixed an issue where the government would not reform properly when the Imperium is formed if the government had civics that were incompatible with the "Imperial" authority.
  107. Recruitable leaders may no longer possess the Psionic or Chosen trait directly alongside either the Synthetic or Cyborg trait.
  108. Fixed (Become the) Crisis Level 5 sharing one trigger condition with Crisis Level 4.
  109. Script controlling the expansion of Ancient Mining Drone fleets has been reworked so as to no longer create excessive event scope backlogs.
  110. Portraits in the empire designer should now animate properly.
  111. Fixed spawned Star-Eaters having too many shield components instead of armor components, and made sure the owner receives the relevant armor technologies.
  112. Fixed Mass Extinction Through the Ages breaking sometimes in MP.
  113. Fixed duplicate colons in espionage operation tooltips.
  114. A conditional event description for "Final Disavowal", part of the "Disavowed Operative Resurfaces" chain, now displays correctly more often for those who have an active Spy Network, and for those who do not.
  115. Subjects are no longer able to become presidents of federations through rotation or random succession.
  116. Fixed Diplomatic Map Mode leaking information you do not have intel on.
  117. Fixed various error log messages relating to Crisis Objectives, along with several edge cases where the rewards were not granted when they should have been.
  118. Fixed an issue where the acceptance breakdown for diplomatic actions was available even if you didn’t have sufficient intel.