Update v3.0.3


  1. Reduced the number of Clerk jobs provided by buildings and districts by 40%.
  2. Clerk trade value has been increased to 4.
  3. Crime Lord Deal now also adds criminal jobs.
  4. Manufacturing focus buildings (factories and foundries) are no longer exclusive from one another, and no longer add jobs to Industrial Districts. They instead increase the base production of alloy or consumer goods producing jobs by 1 or 2, with a corresponding increase in upkeep.
  5. Buildings that increased basic resource production and added jobs to basic resource producing buildings or districts (Energy Grids, Mineral Purification Plants, etc.) now increase the base production of the relevant jobs by 1 or 2 based on tier instead of their previous modifiers. Machine empires still gain the extra resource district slots as before. Yes, things like "livestock" counts as a "relevant job".
  6. Reduced base automatic resettlement chance to 5% per month (46% chance per planet to resettle per year).
  7. Reduced logistic growth ceiling from 2.0 to 1.5.
  8. Sliders have been added in Galaxy Generation for the planetary Logistic Growth cap and Empire-wide Growth Required scaling values. Please note that adjusting these can have significant effects on game balance and performance.


  1. AI now cares more about energy & alloys. Added a building limit define.
  2. AI now waits 10 years to fully take over players.
  3. Improved AI human takeover behavior.


  1. bWasHumanRecently added to weighting stuff in CalcBuildingWeight.
  2. "HandlePlanets" now checks for AI_FREE_JOBS_BUILDING_BUILD_CAP in order to build misc buildings.
  3. Removed the Upkeep check for approximation because of locking itself out of building certain stuff in deficit.
  4. AI stops building armies after takeover.
  5. AI stops building starbases & starbase modules after takeover.
  6. AI stops buying & selling pops after takeover.
  7. Added some comments to pop.h and pop.cpp.


  1. Reduced amount of jobs allowed to build new stuff.
  2. Increased scores for deficit, focus & amnetie building weights.
  3. Reduced weight for pop buildings.
  4. Increased AI takeover timer to 10 years.
  5. Updated economic plans to not change as much through the game time.
  6. Economic plans now favor less research and more stability and economic balance.
  7. Added a job weight for low income for artisan jobs.
  8. Increased job weight for technicians for low income situations.
  9. Reduced low income threshold for miner jobs.
  10. Economic plan fix for hive & gestalt.


  1. LOGISTIC_POP_GROWTH_CEILING, REQUIRED_POP_GROWTH_SCALE, and REQUIRED_POP_ASSEMBLY_SCALE defines have been removed as they have been replaced by sliders in galaxy generation.


  1. Updated numbers in espionage operation roll tooltip to show correct information.
  2. Fixed a too-long string cutting off invader power values in ground combat view in French.
  3. Fixed an issue where destroying the Contingency’s final world with a Star-Eater would not not properly end the Contingency Crisis.
  4. Further fixes to the end of the Cybrex precursor chain.
  5. The tooltip when you can’t reinforce a fleet shouldn’t duplicate the cause.
  6. Fleets can be reinforced even if one ship type in the fleet can’t be built.
  7. Fixed a crash upon mousing over a system with planets in as an observer.
  8. Fixed a couple of Edicts having wrong deactivation cost.
  9. Thought Enforcement tech is now researchable with Utopia.
  10. Fixed an issue where Nomads would keep asking for a Planet over and over, before establishing communications.
  11. You can no longer invite someone you are at war against to join your side in a new war.