Update May 11, 2022

  1. The most important update for this patch is that we have updated the AI.
  2. It will now defend itself with more types of ships and more ’naturally’.
  3. It will now spread its buildings out more and make more use of the map.
  4. It will now send up to three simultaneous attack missions on a random group of buildings via a random attack vector.
  5. In addition to that there are some major changes being made as well. Mainly;.
  6. Modding tools so that people can make star wars, battlestar galactica, star trek or whatever type of mod they would like. Starting with the basic tools like adding your own ship models.
  7. Unlocking the last 3 campaign missions and playtesting each of them (will be in the next patch).
  8. Started working on the coop campaign that will be an addition to the singleplayer campaign.
  9. The modding is currently available only to people who have supported the project or are currently supporting the project. They always have access to the test server. After the test phase is complete and we deem it usable/bug free enough then we will also release that part on the steam live version.
  10. Furthermore we have also:
  11. Fixed bug leading to the false announces about unit under attack when player was attacking enemy.
  12. Balanced some weapons.
  13. Updated some visuals in the ship editor.
  14. Updated the thumbnails in the top-left of the ship editor.