Update October 29, 2021

  1. Updated stellar warfare icon.
  2. Fixed fighter color trails.
  3. Updated the Stellar Warfare big logo.
  4. Fighters and bombers finally seem to work as intended in multiplayer.
  5. I should really test singleplayer...
  6. Fixed bomber patterns and multiplayer bugs.
  7. Lowered volume of bombs and the fighter cannons.
  8. Fixed harvester and surveyor not being attacked by bombers.
  9. Cant reproduce bug of audio volume being turned up again in the multiplayer menu after turning it off in the main menu.
  10. Fixed crystal not dissapearing bug.
  11. Optimized height indicators in MP to prevent fps drops.
  12. Flak should now damage fighters and bombers (even though it doesnt target them).
  13. May have fixed bombers and fighters spawning when allies are in range instead of enemies.
  14. Updated brontodon thumbnail (thanks algor).
  15. Fixed missing ship textures.
  16. Simplified the escape menu.