Update November 5, 2021

  1. Added a Heavy carrier called Hive.
  2. Added a PD against fighters and bombers called Iron Dome.
  3. Added unlocked ships overview.
  4. Unlocked the work in progress campaign missions 3, 4 and 5 (i will finetine these in the upcoming week).
  5. Added anti fighter/bomber weaponry to the Cruiser.
  6. Added anti fighter/bomber weaponry to the Corisant.
  7. Added anti fighter/bomber weaponry to the Manta.
  8. Added an alternative ship selector to the ship editor as part of a plan to make the ship editor a bit more intuitive in the future.
  9. Hidden data on ships that have not been unlocked yet to encourage unlocking.
  10. Added the Iron Dome anti fighter/bomber PD structure.
  11. Added more discord buttons to the multiplayer to get people who want to play multiplayer to come here rather than get annoyed that they cant find opponents.
  12. Added ant-bomber defenses to campaign mission 3.
  13. Fixed mission 3 spawns & CWIS not working.
  14. Fixed a bug in mission 4 and 5, ran some tests.
  15. Fixed AI targeting.
  16. Improved turret and CWIS targeting.
  17. Working on scaling for 1366*766 resolution scaling of ingame tooltip. Already tested it on 4k, works perfectly there. Will check the smaller sizes now. This will hopefully ensure that tooltips are readable for everyone and wrap up the GUI scaling fixes.
  18. Testing ship editor on small resolution also works.
  19. Lowered the overall difficulty a bit. AI now only gets a damage boost above difficulty 35.