Update November 8, 2021

  1. Added the Dome Cruiser which has 2 Iron Domes but only 1 turret slot.
  2. Increased Iron Dome range from 80 to 90.
  3. Decreased size of editor slot select buttons.
  4. Fixed the back button only being half clickable in the unlocked ships overview + added a note that people can find frames ingame. Ive also added this ’unlocked ships’ button to the ship editor.
  5. Fixed some menu navigation issues.
  6. Added a button to go to the ship editor to the unlocked ships menu.
  7. Made building upgrades in the bottom of the screen vertical (in preparation of unit thumbnails of selected units being shown which is needed in preparation of campaign objectives being shown in the right spot).
  8. Fixed building selection-beeps playing too often or with a weird delay.