Update December 7, 2021

  1. Missiles now have a color based on their damage type (anti light = green, anti medium = orange, anti heavy = blue, anti building = red.
  2. Fixed a bug with unit kills tracking.
  3. Fixed a bug with muzzle flares and explosions never being removed causing a memory leak and lower framerates.
  4. Fighters and bombers efficiecy improvements.
  5. Made stuff blowing up from a player losing more efficeint.
  6. Big rework: Added a team component to all ships and projectiles. When a projectile is created it inherits the TeamID, playerName, playerID and some other stuff from the ship that fires now. Bombers, Fighters, Ships, Buildings, Projectiles, Missiles, Beams and some other elements all have this component now.
  7. Uploaded backers build to the steam test branch.
  8. Replaced a lot of team checks in over 153 files and read through about 5.000 lines of code.
  9. Removed variables and added teamcomp to the bomberhangar and cleaned up variables from unitproperties that were unused.
  10. Testbranch missile defense now shoots down 4 enemy missiles instead of 5 per Laserdef. Reduced cooldown from 30 seconds to 20 seconds. Also lowered the amount of ’checks’ from 1x per frame to 1x per second, making it hundreds of times more efficient.
  11. Tweaked the amount of colored visuals added to missiles. There were 2 visuals added per missile. Instead I am now adding 1, but making it 30% bigger to keep the same visual effect.
  12. Made the Iron Dome more responsive by checking for new targets/if it can hit targets ever .5 seconds rather than ever 2 seconds. Will no longer try to get a new target over network if it is the same as the previous target to prevent a network call being made every .5 seconds.
  13. Fixed bug of allied shipyards in multiplayer not having a team assigned.
  14. Tweaked Iron Dome, fighter script, bomber script, carrier script, teamsettings, wave defense settings, projectile settings.
  15. Made laser defense twice as responsive + increased the range by 20 @Brackman.
  16. Fixed memory leak with impact explosions and muzzle flares thanks to @Algor.
  17. Increased power income of powerplans to 25% because of @Brackman (CET)s suggestion.