Update December 21, 2021

  1. Added light effects to all projectiles. Might remove if it costs too much performance.
  2. Fixed "In any game mode, the number of ships underconstruction is no longer visible".
  3. Fixed flaktripler doing no AOE in SP.
  4. Fixed shift-drag-select multiple time keeps adding units to the selection list.
  5. Doomed ships deaccelerate to 15 speed now while dying. This makes them die more naturally rather than stopping abrubtly.
  6. Doomed ships now add a random rotation upon entering doomed state.
  7. Uploaded the new ’lights on projectiles’ and ’deathroll’ build to the playtest build on steam for @ Backer reward role to try out.
  8. You can now scroll through the unlocked ships @Algor (GMT+3).
  9. Added icons based on used weapons to the selected unit thumbnails.
  10. Added healthbars to the selected unit thumbnails.
  11. Added icon colors based on weapon used to the selected unit thumbnails (green for anti-light weapons, red for anti-building etc).
  12. Styled unit thumbs more.
  13. Fixed Hive and Auxillum thumb.
  14. Added easy loadout inspection for ship thumbs (weapon type & damagetype).
  15. Added ’click unit thumb’ to select that particular unit.
  16. Made unit thumbnail Click = select single unit.
  17. Made unit thumbnail Shift + click = remove single unit from selection.
  18. Made unit thumbnail Ctrl + click = select similar units only (removes others from selection).
  19. Made unit thumbnail Ctrl + shift + click = remove all similar units of the clicked thumbnail from selection.
  20. You can now shift-leftclick to add 5 units to the build queue instead of 1.
  21. You can now shift-rightclick to remove 5 units to the build queue instead of 1.