Update January 28, 2022

New content

  1. Added the Destructor Pod heavy missile launcher.
  2. Added the Swansong medium multi missile launcher.
  3. Added the Directa heavy missile launcher.
  4. Added the Tirqa anti building projectile launcher.
  5. Added the Reload cycler module.
  6. Added the King heavy ship.
  7. Added the Ratler medium cannon that fires in bursts of 3 projectiles.


  1. Reduced Blossomer damage from 20 to 12.
  2. Reduced Brackaria damage from 18 to 16.
  3. Gauss repeater increased range to 185 and damage to 12 (from 7).
  4. Gauss slinger reduced cooldown to 8 (from 10).
  5. Gauss cannon decreased range to 175 and damage to 16.
  6. Reduced Daedalus cost from 1000/1000 to 800/800.


  1. Decreased border radius in unlocked ships menu.
  2. Algor has been helping with some texture fixes to make the textures look more uniform.
  3. Improved challenger texture.
  4. Updated Light Frigate model.
  5. Algor retextured more ships.
  6. Algor did some nice color experiments again.
  7. When placing a building you now see a maximum of 5 ’cant build’ circles to save on performance.
  8. When placing a building you now only see 1 ’canbuild’ circle based on which object is closest to the new building you are trying to place (can be both a building or a surveyor).
  9. The distance check is now using sqrddistance instead of vector3.distance to save on performance.
  10. The distance to start drawing ’can build circles’ is now better matched to the actual distance where you can place in. So the circle only shows when the building you want to place is already in range.
  11. The red ’cant build circles’ distance is now better matched as well, meaning they only show up if the building you want to place is too close to an obstacle.
  12. Added the current ship stats for the ship that is being inspected (Health bonus, speed bonus, shield bonus, metal and power cost reductions).
  13. Moved speed row up by 1.
  14. Ship inspector now also shows custom properties like ’Has lasershield’ or ’Increased projectiles’. In the future this will be replaced by actual values.
  15. Fixed a bug where modules in the editor were being added indefinitely.
  16. Rounded stats values to nearest integer and applied more styling.
  17. Improved ship editor layout more.
  18. Added a custom dropdown size for each ship so that it doesnt overlap other labels.
  19. For the metal and power cost bonus I’ve removed the double ’minus’ icon.