Update February 13, 2022

  1. Surveyors are now excluded from selection just like harvesters (unless only surveyors are selected).
  2. Fixed Weapons Range Indicators not showing for enemy ships.
  3. Fixed Weapons Range Indicators not showing when Health Bars were toggled on.
  4. Added Bee as default ship frame (unlocked for everyone).
  5. Fixed some minor issues with Weapon and Utility modules names preventing them from being properly unlocked by default (hopefully for good this time).
  6. Refitted some default ships to feature more weapons, modules and ship frames so new players will have more versatile fleet by default.
  7. Fixed the "falling Jaeger" issue. Now this ship frame can be added to your fleet deck and used in game.
  8. Worked on GUI visual updates.
  9. Worked on future of company (work in progress though).
  10. Put out a bunch of requests for people to help with marketing.
  11. Disabled building desolve autodebug spam.
  12. Excluded Anomaly Extractor from powerplant list. This fixes the issue of more anomaly extractors built accidentally increasing the power plant costs.
  13. Made both black hole positions mirrored completely which fixes the imbalance in 1v1 games. There is no solution for players more than that currently. This will be resolved once the map-selection is in (it is going to be reworked for better team-positioning).
  14. Uploaded latest version to the steam playtest version for the @Backer reward role and @Moderators to check.
  15. Tried to reproduce the Indomitable not launching fighters in MP. Works as intended for me. Will close ticket for now until I see it happen again.
  16. Changed guide slides yellow heading colors to the new blue colors.