Update February 25, 2022

  1. Replaced plasma fortress projectiles with the blue long ones.
  2. Replaced super plasma fortress projectiles with the blue long ones.
  3. Uploaded the shield fix to the steam test branch for testing.
  4. Edited a bunch of images and updated the 4 first images shown on steam.
  5. Disabled one of the trailers on steam (too short).
  6. Did the weekly key giveaway on discord.
  7. Checked out the ’loot tooltip incorrect upon looting item’ ticket. Spawned 20x loot in singleplayer, 20x loot in multiplayer, and checked to see if the info was displayed correctly and it shows up in editor. Seems to work as intended. Have asked the person who reported this bug for more info.
  8. Removed testloot from scene.
  9. Fixed Base Assault button in ship editor not working ( @Algor (GMT+3) already done).
  10. Checked Iron Dome. Seems to work as intended. Closing ticket.
  11. Added an Iron Dome to the bottom of Plasma Fortresses as well.
  12. Arranged some development help. Coming soon™.
  13. Started on a ’instructions’ file so that new programmers can more easily read up on how the project is structured roughly speaking.
  14. Shields started with incorrect values in multiplayer when 2 were applied. This is now fixed.