Update April 15, 2022

  1. Doubled zabu complex size.
  2. Doubled zabu mine size.
  3. Doubled zabu plant size.
  4. Doubled zabu beacon size (should make it easier to target in the battle royale game mode).
  5. Added Jarl pattern battleship.
  6. Changed Destroyer MKII engine colors.
  7. Destructor Pod damage increased from 60 to 140.
  8. The Colony bomber carrier is now one of the 10 default ships for all new players.
  9. Working on new thumbnails with an artist.
  10. Completed ready-for-testing state of multiple AI opponents in Skirmish mode.
  11. Added newer ships to the Skirmish AI ship pool.
  12. Started work on building queue.
  13. Added building queue.
  14. Added destruction button to building upgrades menu.
  15. Experimented with implementing the new unit thumbnail borders ingame.
  16. The building queue is now on the test server for testing. @Project supporter can now check it out on the steam test version. Same goes for @High Council. Once its approved by enough people I will put this live on steam.
  17. Updated thumbnail for the ship seletion in the ship editor.
  18. Arranged new ship editor GUI elements to be implemented.
  19. Begun campaign extension preperation.
  20. Fixed building queue not building in correct order.
  21. Fixed building prices not increasing for buildings in queue.
  22. Worked on improving the ship editor visuals (WIP).
  23. Fixed building queue messing up building progress bar.
  24. Fixed laser defense shooting while not fully built.
  25. Starting with research of basic modding.
  26. Made the discord headers more prominently readable.
  27. Updated the multiplayer friday bot.