Update August 24, 2021


  1. You can now hold CTRL while scrolling ingame to make the scroll speed 20x faster.
  2. There’s not a way to back out of the campaign mission (there is now).
  3. Escape menu ingame background no longer transperant.
  4. Harvester ’dropoff point set’ sound playing too many times simultaneously if too many harvesters selected.
  5. Adma LXXV shield. Also double checked all other shields and I have also fixed it on the Adma, Raider and Toshiron.
  6. Community feedback fixed/improved (too many damaged blueprints for new players if unlucky).

Other improvements and additions

  1. Added the Barreler and Minicannon close range turrets.
  2. Added the Zotan and Moltario super-long range artillery weapons.
  3. Added the new key combination for faster zoom to the ESC options and keybinds menu.
  4. Fixed railcannon color.
  5. Reduced smartlaser cost from 200/200 to 100/100.
  6. Opening the Escape Menu now hides the GUI to prevent healthbars and tooltips from interfering with info.
  7. Closed hangar doors on the challenger model.
  8. Fixed campaign mission 2 instant-win.
  9. Forcing the player back to the campaign selection screen after completing mission 2.
  10. Fixed weird button color in campaign mission selection.