Update September 3, 2021

  1. Added new colored range indicators when placing buildings.
  2. Only show range indicators when near buildings.
  3. Show ’cant build range indicators’ near asteroids and zabu generators when placing buildings.
  4. Now also shows ’cant build range indicators’ near friendly buildings.
  5. Fixed build place height bug @Algor (GMT+3) reported.
  6. Fixed wavedef boss being controllable.
  7. Fixed wavedef boss issue 2.
  8. Fixed AI in multiplayer firing at center of map.
  9. Added the Barreler and Minicannon close range turrets. Added the Zotan and Moltario super-long range artillery weapons.
  10. Community feedback fixed: You can now hold CTRL while scrolling ingame to make the scroll speed 20x faster.
  11. Fixed community feedback: Escape menu ingame background no longer transperant.
  12. Added the new key combination for faster zoom to the ESC options and keybinds menu.
  13. Community feedback fixed: Adma LXXV shield. Also double checked all other shields and I have also fixed it on the Adma, Raider and Toshiron.
  14. Fixed railcannon color.
  15. Reduced smartlaser cost from 200/200 to 100/100.
  16. Opening the Escape Menu now hides the GUI to prevent healthbars and tooltips from interfering with info.
  17. Community feedback fixed: Harvester ’dropoff point set’ sound playing too many times simultaneously if too many harvesters selected.
  18. Closed hangar doors on the challenger model.
  19. Community feedback fixed/improved (too many damaged blueprints for new players if unlucky).
  20. I have lowered the chance of loot crates dropping by 20% in both singleplayer and multiplayer. BUT when you find a new blueprint it now re-rolls the loot if it is a damaged blueprint up to 5 times.
  21. So if you find something you already have you will no longer instantly get ’damaged blueprint’, but instead it will try again up to 5 times. If after the 5th retry it still doesn’t find a blueprint you don’t already have then it does give a damaged blueprint though.
  22. But at least now the chances of finding new stuff in the beginning is way higher.
  23. Community feedback fixed: there’s not a way to back out of the campaign mission.
  24. Fixed campaign mission 2 instant-win.
  25. Forcing the player back to the campaign selection screen after completing mission 2.
  26. Fixed weird button color in campaign mission selection.
  27. Fixed volley size display in ship editor (if 0 then showed as 1 because it functions as 1).
  28. Mammoth Shield module added (adds a shield at 5% of ship base health).
  29. Friendly fire in coop wave defense should now be fixed.
  30. The AI flak should now deal AOE damage again instead of only direct damage.
  31. When pressing Z you now get height indicator lines for all asteroids.
  32. When pressing Z to move units vertically no longer shows previous move-height lines from previous move commands.
  33. Height indicators for movement are now only shown for asteroids and neutral structures.
  34. The selected units height indicators are now always drawn on top of the others to make them more readable.
  35. Experimenting with more clear build-range indicators.
  36. Added an extra check to power and metal income booster buildings to make the overflow of resources less big.
  37. Updated plasma shotcannon tooltip to: Fires super heated plasma rounds in a wide spread.