Update September 10, 2021

  1. New tooltip visual experiment.
  2. Updated minimap visual.
  3. Updated all tooltip visuals for ingame objects and menu buttons.
  4. Fixed community feedback: Show amount harvesters retrieve per trip in refinery tooltip.
  5. Fixed community feedback: Show amount of income generated by matter generator.
  6. Fixed community feedback: Show amount of income generated by powerplant (again).
  7. Fixed community feedback: Updated storage facility tooltip.
  8. Fixed build place height bug @Algor (GMT+3) reported.
  9. Fixed feedback given by @Algor (GMT+3) about wave defense not giving more ships early in the game (paraphrasing). So instead the amount of ships per difficulty are now double of what they were.
  10. Instead of difficulty 10 and up the AI ’health cheats’ now from difficulty 25 and up.
  11. Added a global number that can easily be changed to change the threshhold for health and damage scaling of AI.
  12. Fixed healthbar color i broke.
  13. Updated top-right corner detail visuals.
  14. Fixed community feedback: Building progress bar showing for the wrong building when clicking on a new building button before the old one is finished (submitted by Kyranzor).
  15. Set multiplayer region to ’Fixed’ for now. It will now be set to EU by default in the background. You can probably still override it if you’re in the US for example and want to play with someone else from the US. This will make sure people from all continents can see each other in the multiplayer lobby unless they override it.
  16. Just received more of the campaign voice lines. I can begin cutting them up and editing them now.
  17. Improved scaling of objective text in the top-middle of the screen (font size now scales up more on 4k screens to help those with ultrawide and 4k monitors).
  18. Fixed feedback by @RadimentriX that the minimum build range was not showing for Surveyors and other units.
  19. Fixed bug reported by @MrBoneCrash : Battle royale enemy flagship selection (lobby) clickable (invisible but clickable).
  20. Reorganised the discord channels.
  21. Fixed feedback by @WeWickYou: ingame sound settings now save properly.
  22. Made input in the Escape Menu more clear by having a bigger Caret in the inputboxes and having them flicker faster.