Update September 17, 2021

  1. Fixed community feedback: by @WeWickYou: ingame sound settings now save properly.
  2. Made input in the Escape Menu more clear by having a bigger Caret in the inputboxes and having them flicker faster.
  3. Added the Walker heavy ship.
  4. Healthbars are now hidden when you hover over things with your mouse and a tooltip is shown. This is to prevent the healthbars from being shown over the tooltip.
  5. Fixed community feedback: I have fixed crystals not dissapearing after looting (reported by @RadimentriX). However it might be the case that they do not increase your lore points. If it does not then please let me know.
  6. Removed the extra build grid.
  7. Added black hole.
  8. Added a slider for population in multiplayer lobbies.
  9. Added slider value display to multiplayer lobbies.
  10. Added a performance-impact warning to the population capacity slider.
  11. Styled the population capacity slider.
  12. Synced the population capacity over the network.
  13. Tested if the population capacity would update properly for all players.
  14. Fixed the population capacity display in the GUI being displayed on two lines instead of one.
  15. Hidden the population slider for non-host people in the lobby.
  16. Popcap setting in multiplayer is now implemented. Doing singleplayer next.
  17. The population limit is now no longer rounded to 10’s.