Update November 29, 2021


  1. Added two shops to Brynn along with their own NPCs: Fat Yann’s Grocery Shop and the Bakery. You can find them in the Old Towers quarter (northeastern part of the city).
  2. Added a few secondary NPCs to Brynn.
  3. Added Long Bread, Kipfel, and a few other dishes.
  4. Hunting Grounds have been fully implemented. You can find them in the previously empty Points of Interest.
  5. Dungeons can now properly change their level upon respawning, growing more or less difficult in the process.
  6. It’s now possible to skip the Prologue even if it hasn’t been completed yet.


  1. Increased the radius for rumors by 20% (NPCs can now give hints about more distant Points of Interest).
  2. Fixed the bug with the missing rumors for Camps and Hunting Grounds.
  3. Fixed the bug causing the character to skip a turn when performing a counter while dual-wielding.
  4. Fixed the bug with the missing chests in distant dungeons.
  5. Fixed the issue causing impassable tiles to be generated in secret rooms and in some doorways.
  6. Fixed the Prologue hints not working as intended.
  7. Fixed "Rune of Cycle" not working as intended.
  8. Enemies should no longer attack the obstacles that they can simply walk around.
  9. Enemies will no longer use charge abilities against targets in deep water.
  10. Guards will no longer follow the character into deep water.
  11. Fixed the inability to trade with a vegetable vendor in Brynn.
  12. Fixed the Mannshire carpenter’s dialogue.
  13. Fixed the issue preventing the character from using abilities after being affected by skills that put them on cooldown.
  14. Fixed the issue causing the text from other translations to appear in some localizations.
  15. Enemies can no longer spawn on impassable terrain on map tiles next to mountains.
  16. NPCs at the vineyard are now assigned to the correct settlement.
  17. Raised the cap for Magic Power to 250%.
  18. Reduced damage from Burning by 10%.
  19. Added a new sprite for Bread: it now occupies two inventory tiles.
  20. Certain items (such as nails and coal) were moved from the "Junk" category to "Valuables".