Update April 14, 2020



  1. Most weapons and some armors were rebalanced to further accentuate the differences between the items of the same type and reduce stat clutter.
  2. Shields and their protection values were buffed. Now they are the main source of Block Chance and Block Power.
  3. Increased the maximum durability for most items and decreased the speed with which they degrade (boots in particular).
  4. Crowbar and lancet deal increased damage instead of using bare hands’ damage.


  1. Rebalanced prices for most equipment pieces, consumables, and valuables.
  2. Merchants now sell more treatises.
  3. Rewards for contracts now scale with dungeon difficulty slightly more.
  4. Tweaks to traders’ inventories – for instance, the Osbrook’s herbalist no longer sells enchantment scrolls.
  5. The Mannshire’s merchant gives better prices for treatises.
  6. The base buy price for traders is [10 > 15]% of the standard item value.
  7. Due to the addition of fast travel between the settlements, the Mannshire’s apprentice no longer sells equipment, but he can still fix cloth and leather items.
  8. Containers in more dangerous dungeons now generally have better loot in them.
  9. Increased reward and reputation gain for completing contracts.


  1. Rebalanced energy costs for most abilities.
  2. Reduced the damage for most spells, reduced energy costs for certain spells.
  3. Improving associated Attributes has a smaller effect on abilities’ effectiveness. Initial values of certain active abilities were also reduced.
  4. Some enemies received new abilities from Athletics and Combat Mastery skill trees. Watch out for them!
  5. Rebalanced minimum and maximum values for most enchantments.
  6. We are aware of the abuse with rerolling enchantments and the associated randomness, but until the item quality system is reworked, there isn’t much we can do about it.
  7. The effect of "Confusion" now prevents you (or your enemies) from attacking and using abilities instead of moving to a random tile with a certain chance. Random movement chance was transferred to "Clumsiness". Most abilities, consumables, and effects which used to cause "Confusion", now cause "Clumsiness".
  8. [Pyromancy] "Melting Ray" was moved further down the skill tree.
  9. [Pyromancy] "Ring of Fire". Added: for each affected enemy grants +20% Pyromantic Power for 4 turns.
  10. [Pyromancy] "Blaze". Added: for each point of damage dealt, the spell burns double the amount of energy.
  11. [Daggers] "Deadly Trick" was moved further down the skill tree.
  12. [Daggers] "Deadly Trick". Instead of granting +100% Dodge Chance for 2 turns, grants +25% Crit Chance for the next turn. Also instead of Immobilization it applies Confusion. The chance to swap with the target is affected by their Knockback Resistance.
  13. [Proselyte Flagellant] "Driven by Pain": decreased damage gain when on low health. Crit Chance was swapped away for Life Drain to avoid one-shotting possibility.
  14. Arna’s Trait "Vow of the Feat": grants -[5 > 7.5]% Abilities Costs and Cooldown Durations for each enemy within Vision. Added: -7.5% Spell Costs and -4% Damage Taken for each enemy within Vision.
  15. [Staffs] "Battle Trance" replenishes [20 > 10]% Max Energy.
  16. [Staffs] "Triumph": grants +20% Crit Chance for 7 turns upon killing an enemy instead of +10% Damage and Magic Power for 9 turns.
  17. [Axes] "Execution": replenishes 35% Max Energy upon killing an enemy instead of reducing Active Cooldowns for axe skills by 50%.
  18. [Greatswords] "Parry": +[10 > 7.5]% Block Chance and +[12.5% > 10%] Block Power for each stack of the stance.
  19. [Ranged Weapons] "Hunter’s Mark": using this ability not only applies the effect but also performs a shot.
  20. [Ranged Weapons] "Anticipation": applies the target with -[8 > 10]% Dodge Chance for [3 > 10] turns each time you land a shot. Added: each missed shot against the target grants +5% Accuracy for 10 turns.


  1. Mushrooms and potatoes can now be roasted at campfires.
  2. Walking barefoot has a chance to damage your feet.
  3. Significantly increased Thirst and Hunger gain during sleep.
  4. Bleed damage not only depends on the target’s Max Health but also on its Bleed Resistance.
  5. Burn Damage no longer deals fixed damage, instead scaling with Max Health, though to a lesser extent than before.
  6. Rebalanced Knockback Damage. Both colliding targets now receive Crushing Damage for [15 > 10]% Max Health of the target which was knocked back. If the target was knocked into a wall or an occupied tile, it receives Damage for [15 > 10]% of its Max Health.
  7. Knocking the target back into an occupied tile no longer has a 100% Stun Chance. Now it takes the target’s Stun Resistance into account.
  8. Each enemy now has a correct set of Body Parts – no more injured snake paws. Also different enemies have different Body Part "durability": it’s easier to injure skeletons and critters.
  9. Bleed Chance upon receiving damage to injured body parts is now affected by Bleed Resistance.
  10. Decrease the chance of modifiers to be triggered by their respective damage types – it’s now very unlikely to witness a self-sustaining loop of poisoning or burning. Decreased the base duration for those modifiers.
  11. Stun Chance from Shock damage and Bleed Chance from Rending damage are now affected by the respective resistances.


  1. High tier brigands received a buff.
  2. Increased the amount of brigands in camps.
  3. Increased Accuracy for most 5-9 and 10+ level enemies.
  4. Increased experience gain from killing enemies by 20-25%.
  5. Rebalanced ambushes – they scale from your level at a significantly lower rate.
  6. As a reminder – the enemies scaling with your level is a temporary solution which will be disabled after expanding the world and implementing danger parameters for zones.


  1. Jonna and Dirwin start with affinity for Athletics, Jorgrim and Arna – for Combat Mastery.
  2. Jonna starts with first tier of Geomancy and Pyromancy unlocked instead of second.
  3. Characters have 6 bonus starting Attributes instead of 8.
  4. Each point of Vitality grants [3 > 5] Max Energy.
  5. Each point of Agility grants [0.75 > 0.5]% Dodge Chance.
  6. Dodge Chance can reach a negative value, increasing the Accuracy of your enemies’ attacks.
  7. Reworked Block Power progression. Its initial bonus was removed, it now depends entirely on Strength. Block Power values also have a cap which is limited by Strength as well.
  8. Pinecaps can only be encountered in pine forests. Leaf forests now have penny buns.
  9. Increased the chance of finding treatises on bookshelves.
  10. Destroying the Well of Souls spawns wraiths.
  11. The witch now offers a potion instead of a pot of espresso.
  12. Consuming spoiled food reduces morale.


  1. Enemies can no longer spawn in dungeon rooms adjusted to entrances/exits in order to avoid situations when the player is swarmed right after transitioning between the floors.
  2. For the same reason enemies no longer spawn next to zone borders.
  3. Picking an item up while your inventory is full no longer automatically drops the item, but keeps it suspended instead.
  4. Added the Chapel autosave to the standalone Prologue.
  5. All stages of main quests now have journal entries.
  6. Dropping treatises and scrolls is now displayed in the log.
  7. Improved the scrollbar in the trading menu.
  8. Added an outline for runic boulders.


  1. Added a new resolution: 2560х1080.
  2. Improved quests journal interface.


  1. Animals now have their own icons for Injuries.
  2. Improved forest generation.
  3. Numerous visual fixes and tweaks.
  4. Added new visual effects for Bad Trip.
  5. Added new visual effects for Drunkenness.
  6. New sprite work for some items.
  7. New sprite work for Ghouls.
  8. Added a new entrance variant for the Bastion (brigand dungeon).


  1. Fixed room renting: the game now correctly saves and detects the remaining rent time.
  2. Fixed the bug with a sudden HP and Energy drop when transitioning between zones.
  3. Fix quest items duping.
  4. Carts and other map encounters retain their state upon restarting the game – it’s now impossible to endlessly loot them.
  5. Animals can escape to other zones when they reach the border.
  6. Stepping on a burning tile not only sets you on fire, but also deals immediate damage. The chance to catch fire is no longer 100%, now it’s affected by Fire Resistance.
  7. Fixed the bug which prevented certain effects from triggering when reaching Benevolent reputation with a settlement.
  8. Fixed an exploit which allowed using abilities and moving on the same turn.
  9. Fixed bizarre trajectories for enemy’s charge-based abilities.
  10. Fixed the bug with immortal enemies.
  11. Fixed numerous memory leaks.
  12. Improved optimization.
  13. Fixed lots of crashes and other minor bugs.

Update #2

  1. Fixed Ginger Root-related crash. If you have a save with a Ginger Root present in your inventory or chest, please get rid of it and re-save the game.
  2. Fixed an issue with merchants not restocking treatises.
  3. Fixed an issue with free Ranged Weapons treatises.
  4. Fixed an issue with items disappearing after being stored in the backpack.
  5. Fixed weaponstands being labeled as "wardrobes".
  6. Increased base prices for most hides, especially bison ones [100g > 200g].
  7. [Ancient Troll] Troll Regeneration: Cooldown reduced from 20 to 16.
  8. [Ancient Troll] Deafening Roar: Cooldown reduced from 14 to 12.
  9. [Ancient Troll] Nature Damage Resistance increased from 35% to 50%.
  10. Decreased base Knockback Chance of Mighty Kick by 5%.
  11. Increased base Knockback Chance of Hail of Blows by 5%.
  12. Pennybun: Gives +[5 > 3]% Health Restoration.
  13. Decreased Brigand Rioter’s base damage – [18 > 17].
  14. Adjustments to treatise drop rates from dungeon bookcases.